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Top Franchise Brokers: Jack and Jill Johnson, The Franchise Insiders

With a complementary combination of franchising and digital marketing expertise, Jack and Jill have perfected the art of matching clients with franchisors.

By Sarah Brown1851 Franchise Copy Editor
Updated 9:09AM 07/07/21

Founders of The Franchise Insiders Jack and Jill Johnson’s favorite part about being franchise consultants is simple: They love helping their clients thrive. And to date, they’ve helped 560 people do just that as successful franchise owners.

Although the duo comes from different backgrounds (Jack developed his own franchise called Home Care Assistance and grew it to a 200-location franchise system, and Jill specialized in email marketing), they believe their success ultimately comes down to loving what they do. 

“Every day kind of feels like Christmas morning, because you meet new people and you get to help them accomplish their goals,” said Jack. “It’s really kind of a thrilling existence.”

That dedication extends to their level of communication with clients and franchisors. “We’re available 24/7, and we will respond within minutes to anyone who contacts us,” said Jill.

“I was talking to a franchisor the other night at 2:30am,” added Jack. “We adjust to the style of communication our clients want.”

For people wanting to become franchise owners, Jill advises patience is key. “Franchising can be one of the most rewarding endeavors of your life,” she said. “But you have to follow guidance, invest your time and be patient.”

For franchisors, Jack and Jill suggest open communication in order to achieve their goals. “Be transparent and show us how we can support you,” said Jill. “If we’re not getting the full story, it’s difficult for us to do our job.”

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