Top In-Home Service Franchises Under 50 Units
Top In-Home Service Franchises Under 50 Units

These up-and-coming brands are making a name for themselves in the in-home service segment of the franchising industry.

In-home franchises present their own unique sets of challenges and opportunities unlike any other sector in the franchise industry. For starters, franchisors and their team of staff have an opportunity to interact with their customers on a more personal level, meaning that providing a high level of customer service is vital to the success of the business. There’s also more risk involved with a business that requires employees to enter their client’s homes. However, this leads to immense opportunity for franchisors that can figure out how to establish a proven model and, in many cases, can also be a more cost-effective way to franchise as many in-home franchises don’t require physical retail locations. Here are the emerging concepts that we believe are doing things right.

WOW 1 Day Painting

Unit Count: 45+

Investment Range: $65,000 - $122,000

Link to Franchise Website:

Founded by the same group that started 1-800-GOT-JUNK, which grew to an international, multimillion-dollar brand in just two decades, WOW 1 Day Paint has already seen a similar growth trajectory since its launch in 2010. While many painting projects take weeks to complete, WOW does just what the name implies, lowers that timeline down to one day. The residential and commercial painting industry is over a billion-dollar industry, and with a concept that’s doing things differently, the brand has a major opportunity to shake up the market. It’s not just about the speed of the service with WOW, it’s also about providing consistently high-quality. Mastering those two areas and having the ability to train their franchisees and staff to do the same is what is taking this franchise to the top.


Unit Count: 46+

Investment Range: $48,053 - $85,982

Link to Franchise Website:

Understanding that a lot of homeowners have given up on their garages, GarageExperts saw this as an opportunity nearly 10 years ago and decided to capitalize on it. Rather than offering its customers one solution, GarageExperts has become the one stop shop for flooring, cabinets, slatwall and storage, giving franchisees an opportunity to earn extra revenue. The brand has successfully expanded nationwide and is projected to surpass 100 units within the next two years based on its current rate of growth. GarageExperts also gives its franchisees the ability to get up and running quickly, offering a turnkey solution for owners interested in opening in as little as 30 days, making rapid growth possible.

Home Clean Heroes*

Unit Count: 1

Investment Range: $102,077 to $165,016

Link to Franchise Website:

Launched in 2017 by Buzz Franchise Brands, the founder of successful outdoor service concepts Pool Scouts and Mosquito Joe, Home Clean Heroes set out on a mission to shake up the residential cleaning industry. Understanding that customer loyalty is hard to come by, Home Clean Heroes is committed to understanding the why behind that in order to make a change. As was the case with Buzz Franchise Brands other concepts, Home Clean Heroes has figured out a way to give their customers exceptional customer service through a few simple initiatives. The first is by making sure at least one of the cleaners or "heroes" that visited a customer's home during their first visit was also there during subsequent visits, and the second is that they take a personalized approach to their services, ensuring that there is a satisfaction guarantee. These small touches are going to make a huge impact as the brand begins franchising.

Bloomin’ Blinds

Unit Count: 40+

Investment Range: $49,070 - $105,225

Link to Franchise Website:

As a family-owned and operated concept, Bloomin’ Blinds has focused on providing its franchisees ongoing support throughout their entire journey with the brand. This high-level of commitment from the franchisor to its franchisees has carried over into the customer experience, helping Bloomin’ Blinds become a brand that clients can trust when it comes to the sale and installation of their blinds. Bloomin’ Blinds also offers its franchisees an opportunity to get recurring customers through repairs, so the revenue opportunities surpass many others in the same segment. With relatively low startup costs and over $2 million in sales for four consecutive years, Bloomin’ Blinds is presenting its franchisees with a great opportunity to join a growing concept.

Color World Housepainting

Unit Count: 4

Investment Range: $59,260 - $130,200

Link to Franchise Website:

Color World presents itself as a franchise that offers its franchisees five different business opportunities with just one franchising fee based on the suite of services its franchisees can offer, including residential and commercial painting, gutter installation, holiday lighting, power washing, minor carpentry and drywall repair. While many others in this particular segment are seasonal, Color World has created a concept that ranges year-round by offering both outdoor and indoor services making it a solid investment opportunity. The brand stresses that its franchisees don’t need to have any prior industry experience because they offer guidance on how to hire the right contractors to complete the job, and offer ongoing support as the franchisee gets started.

HomeWell Senior Care

Unit Count: 40+

Investment Range: $70,450 - $130,200

Link to Franchise Website:

HomeWell is another turnkey in-home franchise opportunity for franchisees looking to jump right in with a proven model. As an in-home senior care company, HomeWell places a strong priority on the communities where their franchisees are based. They call their employees “personal assistants” to stress the value in what their providing to their customers, a better quality of life. And while their typical franchise agreement spans 10 years, the purpose is to find true partners, making their network of franchisees seasoned and willing to step in to support those in need. HomeWell offers its franchisees something many other concepts have tried to establish since their founding but haven’t mastered, a family.

TruBlue House Care

Unit Count: 23

Investment Range: $65,250 - $90,400

Link to Franchise Website:

While many senior home care companies are known for taking care of their customers, very few on the market also take care of their customer’s homes. This is where TruBlue is different. TruBlue is a service provider for senior’s homes, both inside and outside, creating a safe and comfortable environment. They offer a suite of services from repairs and cleaning to safety audits and fall prevention. TruBlue has created a perfect solution for busy families who might have the disposable income to pay for a service like TruBlue but don’t necessarily have the time available to handle both their chores at home and those of their parents. The senior care market is booming, and while it’s become fragmented, TruBlue has broken in by offering a very unique service.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

Unit Count: 38

Investment Range: $133,350 - $321,225

Link to Franchise Website:

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen stemmed from the founder's love for home remodeling and has since spread across an entire franchise system, giving franchise owners the ability to connect with their customers on a personal level in order to create their dream bath or kitchen. The company boasts their ability to not only increase customer satisfaction as a result but also their strong margins. Why? Because the company has built relationships with a number of vendors in order to keep costs down for their franchisees and, as a result, their customers. The remodeling industry is also growing rapidly according to DreamMaker, with the Baby Boomer generation driving demand.


Unit Count:

Investment Range: $17,500 to $67,500

Link to Franchise Website:

Understanding that the importance of fitness and wellness is here to stay, Revolism launched its franchise offering in the first quarter of 2017. Revolism has been building a base of knowledge and business for more than 30 years by focusing on helping clients with their weight loss goals, stress levels and overall wellness with in-home consultations. The company has certified wellness coaches that develop a customized program for their clients focused on one thing, improving their metabolism. Once they finish the assessment, the coaches will craft a diet, exercise plan, and custom supplements designed exclusively to address their needs. This concept offers franchisees a unique way to help their clients reach their health and wellness goals without having to buy a traditional fitness concept and eliminates having to spend thousands of dollars on gym equipment.

Home Cleaning Centers of America

Unit Count: 33

Investment Range: $32,800 - $34,800

Link to Franchise Website:

With the growing number of two income households in America, Home Cleaning Centers recognized the lack of time a lot of men and women have to take care of their daily chores, like cleaning. As a result, the company broke into the $20 billion residential cleaning industry. Some of the company’s largest franchise locations average over one million in gross sales, not only due to the sizes of the territories that they offer but also due to the ongoing operational support franchisees receive from the franchisor. With affordable start-up costs, ramp up time for new franchisees is faster than many of Home Cleaning Centers competitors. The brand also officers a suite of services including home cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and country club cleaning, leading to a variety of opportunities for recurring revenue.

*Brands marked with an asterisk are clients of 1851 Franchise or No Limit Agency.