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What Franchises Can I Buy With $15,000 or Less?

A series of low-overhead franchises are available for prospective business owners with limited capital.

By Justin Wick1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 4:16PM 09/28/21

Most of the franchise brands that can be obtained for $15,000 or less are operated with limited equipment, a limited need for resources and a low dependence on brick-and-mortar space (if any). As a general rule of thumb, the franchises with the lowest amount of necessary overhead are the ones that have a low cost for an initial investment. 

Brands that provide expert analysis, like travel agencies Dream Vacations ($10,500 entry fee) or Cruise Planners ($10,950 entry fee), are able to establish franchise names with little resources aside from established connections and general employee training. Other brands, like the post-pregnancy fitness brand Baby Boot Camp ($8,000 or lower), can operate in general public spaces and are able to operate without traditional business requirements. Each brand falls under the $15,000 or less category.

Some brands will have an extremely wide range of franchising costs, such as Ameriprise Financial with a range of $10,432 to $114,480. This suggests some franchises can be established on a smaller scale, and some business models can be modified for franchisees with a limited range of capital. Cleaning franchises like Jan-Pro and Coverall offer similar ranges. 

Other types of franchises, like the market of mobile app developer Eazi-Apps ($13,537 entry fee), can be operated almost exclusively online. As technology continues to develop and business opportunities continue to progress, the ability to invest in extremely low-overhead brands will presumably grow.

It can also be common for some franchises to have lower fees for incoming franchisees buying locations in lower-populated areas. If the market capacity is limited, there might be a lesser need for increased franchise costs.

An inexpensive franchise brand could suggest a brand has limited corporate backing when compared to a more expensive franchise, but several companies have a model in place that is ideal for someone who wants to operate the franchise along with their current job. These jobs may not require the sizable time commitment of other franchises, which boosts the investment appeal for certain franchisees.