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Give the Gift of Backyard Bird Feeding This Season with Wild Birds Unlimited’s Holiday Wreaths

Wild Birds Unlimited Chief Development Officer Paul Pickett shares his holiday tradition with consumers looking to give a one of a kind gift that’s sure to invoke joy.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 10:10AM 12/08/17

Holiday shopping season is in full swing. Even after the mad dashes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers across the country are still heading to stores and filling up their online shopping carts with gift ideas for their friends and family. However, for those looking to give a unique gift that’s sure to invoke joy, there’s another option—giving the gift of backyard bird feeding.

It’s a common myth that all birds fly south for the winter—in fact, some of the most lyrical and colorful birds stay in the same place year-round. But for those that stay in colder climates, they need food, water and protection to stay warm. That’s what inspired Paul Pickett, Wild Birds Unlimited’s chief development officer, to start making bird wreaths during the holiday season. Not only are they a festive way to decorate your backyard—or the backyard of a loved one—they also bring joy to those who own them.

“I first started making bird wreaths back in the 90s both for myself and for friends and family members who also love backyard bird feeding. It’s become a tradition now—I’ve committed to crafting these for two decades, and every year I love the project even more,” said Pickett. “Making these wreaths is easier than you may think—as long as you have the right supplies, you’re going to be successful. And it’s well worth putting in the work! These holiday wreaths last all season. Even after the ornaments are all eaten up, there’s Bark Butter left over that continues to attract birds even after the holidays are over.”

To make holiday backyard bird feeding wreaths, you’ll need a 14-inch grape wreath, a bag of cranberries, one tub of Bark Butter, three pine cones, Wild Birds Unlimited’s Bird Seed Blend, 13 ounces of dried fruit mix, one orange, evergreen clippings from a tree, three halves of a bagel, three small terra cotta pots and florist wire. First, you’ll want to wind florist wire around the base of the pine cones so that you can secure them to the wreath. From there, you should smear the pine cones with Bark Butter, and then roll it in the Bird Seed Blend. Secure the florist wire to the miniature terra cotta pots by running the wire through the bottom and over the side, and then fill the pot with Bark Butter and bird seed.

Next, smear your bagel halves with Bark Butter and press the Bird Seed Blend on top. Then, secure the bagels to the florist wire after stringing it with cranberries or pieces of dried fruit. You can follow those same steps to prepare the orange slices, with the exception of smearing them with Bark Butter. After all of that prep work is done, it’s time to secure the food to the wreath. And from there, all that’s left to do is accessorize or personalize your wreath to match your tastes or the tastes of those you’re gifting it to.

Making these wreaths and gifting them to others perfectly aligns with Wild Birds Unlimited’s mission to bring people and nature together. The brand is rooted in its passion for backyard bird feeding, and by creating these one of a kind wreaths, that passion, excitement and joy is able to spread.

“Backyard bird feeding and watching is one of the most popular hobbies in the country. It’s an honor to be a part of a brand that’s promoting that passion and introducing it to new people,” said Pickett. “I’m looking forward to seeing the creations that people come up with this year—be sure to share photos of your holiday wreaths on Facebook! There’s nothing better than giving a gift that you know people will love, and I hope that these wreaths bring others the same joy that they bring me every year.”

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