Strong Community Partnerships and Superior Customer Service Fuel Wireless Zone’s Development Success
Strong Community Partnerships and Superior Customer Service Fuel Wireless Zone’s Development Success

How Verizon Wireless retail franchise Wireless Zone’s locally owned and operated stores take root by giving back.

When it comes to the nation’s largest Verizon Wireless retail franchise Wireless Zone, exclusivity is its best asset and community its prime distinguisher. Operating as a single-carrier outlet not only benefits franchisees in the form of reduced inventory and priority service from Verizon, it provides an unparalleled experience for customers. The nearly 400-unit Wireless Zone brand is elevated by its access to the nation’s largest 4G LTE network and the most advanced wireless technology available, bringing a piece of the lucrative cellular industry to its franchisees while still giving them the opportunity to serve their neighborhood on a local level.

"Through franchising, Wireless Zone is giving franchisees the opportunity to get involved in a rapidly growing and evolving industry and bring it to their own communities," said Dave Staszewski, Wireless Zone Executive Vice President. “Our brand equips store owners with a tried and tested business model that builds the knowledge and skills needed to become an expert resource to their neighbors,” he added.

Developing and maintaining expert knowledge of products and services is an invaluable skill in the ever-evolving cellular industry. “As products keep multiplying and evolving,” Staszewski continued, “the need for trusted guidance is more important than ever. By recognizing how personal the purchasing process is, Wireless Zone leads the way in customer service.”

At Wireless Zone, the personal connections that big box stores can’t provide are what distinguishes the brand in the industry. While Verizon Wireless focuses more of its locations in high-traffic urban areas, Wireless Zone operates on a suburban, hyper-local level. By targeting smaller markets for its locations, Wireless Zone is able to put community at the forefront of its business model.

Through the Wireless Zone Foundation for Giving that was founded in 2003, the brand partners with several national organizations system-wide, including Autism Speaks, Feeding America, Children’s Tumor Foundation, Veterans Leadership Program, and Center for Hospice Care, among others. Additionally, Wireless Zone participates in Culture of Good’s School Rocks Backpack Giveaway every school year to help get underprivileged students the school supplies they need. Franchisees and employees nominate charities they’d like to work with each year to help better serve the communities in which they operate where it matters most to them.

“A big reason why we continue to excel is due to the care and compassion our franchisees show for their communities on a daily basis,” said Staszewski. “Wireless Zone’s national presence wouldn’t be possible without its franchisees. The continued dedication at every level of the brand makes me confident for the future.”

For more information on franchise opportunities with Wireless Zone, visit https://wirelesszonefranchise.com/.