Wireless Zone Increases Focus on Customer Service and Steers Away from ‘Just Another Salesman’ Image
Wireless Zone Increases Focus on Customer Service and Steers Away from ‘Just Another Salesman’ Image

Wireless Zone Multi-Unit Owner James Altiery Explains How Wireless Zone Operations Are Different from the Rest.

A great salesperson will understand that above all, empathy is key. Getting to know the customer on a deeper level and being able to help them find exactly what they need makes for the best business. In the retail industry there is a preconceived notion that the salesman is only able to see the sale and not the customer’s needs. Wireless Zone is working to challenge this idea.

Since its founding in 1988, Wireless Zone has built their team surrounding owners that care about the customer. In developing this strong owner base the concept has become a legacy name in markets across the United States.  Now, as the brand develops into new markets, Wireless Zone is looking to those multi-unit owners that have a fine-tuned passion for customer service, to build on existing success and bring the concept to untapped territory through its proven model.

James Altiery, the Wireless Zone franchisee in Dallas, grasped the importance of customer service early on in his tenure with the brand. In just three years, Altiery become one of the brand’s most successful franchisees. Much of his passion for customer service can be attributed to a part-time job at Best Buy while he was in college, where he found himself interacting with customers and helping them find exactly what they were looking for.

Upon graduation, Altiery shifted his profession from working with Dell to getting back into the sales space, fueling his passion for working with customers and getting to meet a new face every day. A decade later, with incredible sales experience in his wake, he decided to take his customer service skills and put them towards becoming a small business owner.

“I’ve always wanted to be a business owner,” noted Altiery. “I felt that I really mastered the customer service aspect and wanted to learn more about operations.”

Altiery’s customer service experience immediately paid off in his business ventures with Wireless Zone, with four open units in the Dallas area and three more in development scheduled to be open by the end of 2017.

“You only have a 50 percent chance of making a sale when you are working with a new customer,” mentioned Altiery. “So focusing on your existing customers and capitalizing on them for growth is key to business success.”

Altiery’s success is not going unnoticed. Not only did he receive the “Wireless Zone Rookie of the Year” award within the entire franchise system, but he was also given the “Verizon Gold Standard” award by Verizon Wireless, which is granted quarterly to one Verizon retailer goes above and beyond with customer service.

Through Wireless Zone’s proven franchise model the corporate team is able to lay out how to be a successful owner from an operational standpoint, but it is up to the individual owners to build customer relationships that will actually bring the sales in. Finding the right franchisee partners that will utilize the franchise model and build on it at each location is what has allowed Wireless Zone to become the nation’s largest wireless retail franchisor.

“You usually find people who are either really good as sales but don’t understand the operations or vice versa, “Altiery said. “Having a strong background in customer service, I was interested in learning how to master the operations part, which corporate did a great job of teaching. But, even with this proven model, I am able to continuously learn new things and fine tune processes, growing alongside the brand.”

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Wireless Zone, visit http://wirelesszonefranchise.com/.