Wireless Zone® Looks for Franchisees To Bring Nation’s Largest 4G LTE Network to Southern Florida
Wireless Zone® Looks for Franchisees To Bring Nation’s Largest 4G LTE Network to Southern Florida

Verizon’s largest retailer is eager to bring the provider to the South Florida market through its award-winning franchise system.

For more than three decades, Wireless Zone® has established itself as a leader in the wireless cellular segment. As Verizon’s largest and only single-carrier outlet, Wireless Zone® has been providing award-winning customer service to local communities across the United States, currently operating over 360 locations nationwide. Now, the brand is looking to fill an underserved Verizon market in Southern Florida.

Since its founding in 1998, Wireless Zone® has ridden the wave of technology, adapting constantly to the demands of the fast-paced wireless industry. What started as an innovative Car Phone Store is now the single largest independent, carrier-exclusive, wireless retailer in the country, offering access to the latest in wireless technology and the nation’s largest 4G LTE network.

Wireless Zone®’s business model positions franchisees for success, with a low investment model, active community outreach, strong revenue stream and proven support system. According to Keith Dziki, Wireless Zone® 's Executive Director of Development, the brand is currently in the process of capturing major market share in Southern Florida, bringing a proven business model to an even larger demographic. 

“Wireless Zone® is looking for franchisees in the area to expand our points of distribution as well as our customer base,” said Dziki. “Other distributors hold a majority of the clientele in the Southern Florida market, which means franchisees will be encouraged to grow.”

Multi-unit growth is an essential component of Wireless Zone® 's plan to drive momentum. To compete with other providers, the company hopes to find new multi-unit operators or established franchisees looking to expand. According to Dziki, this presents the opportunity for a quicker ramp-up as the established operators are able to repeat their successful model without a learning curve. 

“Wireless Zone gets a lot of interest in the franchising industry from multi-unit owners and South Florida is one area in which we can happily appease the candidate,” said Dziki. “My team and I work daily with existing franchise owners, our operations team and with Verizon to identify gaps in trade distribution and position our existing owners and prospective candidates for expansion.” 


In a segment as saturated as the mobile industry, the Wireless Zone® leadership is working to strategically grow in key markets in order to ensure that customers all across the country are able to find convenient and easy access to Verizon. 


“The South Florida market needs points of distribution to ensure that customers who are interested in Verizon are able to visit a nearby location and get signed up,” said Dziki. “Although real estate is hard to come by in the market, our exclusive relationship with Verizon allows us the luxury of linking franchisees with brokers and real estate companies in the trade areas for assistance.”

The ideal franchisee will not only be interested in multi-unit operations but also eager to get involved with the community, providing personal relationships and local outreach that the established big conglomerates can’t compete with. According to Dziki, Wireless Zone® looks for eager candidates who can hit the ground running and adapt to the constantly evolving mobile industry, providing in-depth training that covers the entire scope of the brand’s franchising tools to get owners set up right from the start.

The South Florida market can open six to eight locations organically, said Dziki, but with the opportunity for additional acquisitions, there is a chance for the brand to convert existing cell phone distributorships to Wireless Zone® retailers as well. 

“The Wireless Zone® franchise exercises controlled, calculated growth, only expanding into new territories that we are confident we can fully support from both an operational and a marketing standpoint,” said Dziki. “The key to operating a successful franchise system has been ensuring that each of our franchisees is positioned for success.”

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Wireless Zone®, please visit http://wirelesszonefranchise.com/.