5 Tips for Increasing My Website Traffic
5 Tips for Increasing My Website Traffic

A great digital marketing plan will increase traffic which, in turn, will drive more leads

When it comes to a franchise development team’s digital marketing strategy, properly identifying the demographic coming to your development site should equal more leads -- if, of course, your franchise development website is positioned with a strong message.

Sean FitzgeraldChief Development Strategist 1851; Jack Monson, Director of Digital Strategy at Qiigo; Rick Batchelor, CEO of Qiigo; and Todd Bingham, President of Pinnacle Franchise Development provide five tips for increasing traffic to your development site:

  1. Bingham: This is the hard part, as every business in the world wants to know how to drive traffic to their site. My suggestion is to find a very good SEO/PPC management company and optimize not only the content of the site but the site structure itself, then spend dollars on a very strategic PPC Campaign to drive traffic both by paid search and organically.
  2. Monson: Don’t blast one message to the masses. Create different messages for different groups and share via targeted ads that are more relevant to those groups. Traffic from these messages will be much higher quality.
  3. Batchelor: Be specific. Very specific. Know exactly who you are targeting then shoot with a rifle not a shotgun.
  4. Fitzgerald: SEO optimization for franchise development can help drive traffic. Many franchise sites are not optimized or they have consumer messaging instead of franchise messaging. This affects search engine ranking. Some simple SEO adjustments could have significant impact on organic traffic.  
  5. Fitzgerald: Make sure there is a visible link to owning a franchise on the consumer site.  Many franchisees are customers first and your consumers may not know that franchising is an option.