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Anchored Tiny Homes Explodes with Six New Franchise Territories Opening

The tiny home ADU franchise has partnered with four new franchisees to grow in multiple territories across Texas, Oregon and Florida.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 09/07/23

Kicking off the third quarter, Anchored Tiny Homes, the custom, stick-built accessory dwelling unit (ADU) builder, has executed franchise agreements with four new franchisees, awarding a total of seven new territories in Texas, Oregon, Florida and Utah. In its first full year of offering franchises, the concept is already proving the strength of and demand for the model in markets across the nation.

“We’re excited to see the momentum building around the Anchored Tiny Homes mission,” said Colton Paulhus, co-founder and CEO. “The business was founded because we saw a demand for accessible, affordable housing, and we knew that ADUs were the clear solution. Now, Anchored Tiny Homes is laying the groundwork for the movement to explode in multiple states through partnering with passionate franchisees.”

With the recent signings, the franchise is expanding into central, east and south Austin, Texas; central and western Oregon; and north and southwest Jacksonville, Florida. The central Austin territory is already operational, along with the central Utah territory, and the operator of the central and western Oregon territory is expected to begin operations in the middle of September.

Why Franchisees Are Choosing Anchored Tiny Homes to Grow

Anchored Tiny Homes presents a business opportunity with both a relatively low barrier to entry and incredible opportunity to build wealth and achieve a long-lasting community impact.

“Finding something with low startup costs was really important to me,” said one of the new Texas owners. “I didn’t want something that had extremely low startup costs, but something that was reasonably low while still allowing me to get into something meaningful. Anchored Tiny Homes fit my price point for my available investment funds — I didn’t have to leverage myself significantly.”

Franchisees also note the value of Anchored Tiny Homes’ quick ramp-up time. Compared to something like a food service concept that requires franchisees to secure real estate, potentially pursue construction and market intently to draw in a customer base, Anchored Tiny Homes relies on existing demand. And with the help of corporate marketing and scheduling support, local owners simply need to be ready to attend sales meetings after the corporate team identifies likely qualified buyers.

In Austin, the demand is especially ripe — another key driver for investors.

“Another thing that really caught my attention was everything that has happened around the housing crisis, especially in the last three to five years with inflation and housing costs skyrocketing in Austin,” the owner added. “My own home in Austin has doubled in value, which is great for a homeowner, but it’s not great for somebody who has never purchased a home. I have a young daughter, so I think about these things. What will it be like when she buys her first home? What will that look like? The vision of the company really meant a lot to me because it’s something I’m also very passionate about.”

David Cowan, the owner of the Oregon territory, shared a similar sentiment. Though he worked full-time as an educator, he was always involved in real estate investing in one way or another. At 22, Cowan purchased his first home and rented individual rooms for supplementary income. He has also flipped single-family homes. Now, he is working on fixing up a multi-family complex as he also grows with Anchored Tiny Homes.

While his previous real estate ventures were profitable, Cowan said he found himself making large chunks of income every few years when he would sell a property. He was financially comfortable leaving teaching with this income, but large, inconsistent income can present challenges for investors.

Anchored Tiny Homes offers reliable, consistent income through a reliable business model. As he grows with the franchise, Cowan will be able to leverage these funds to grow in multiple areas of his entrepreneurship. However, the financial impact is not his only motivator.

“I really enjoy the idea of calling things into existence that will be around for a long time and enjoyed by a large number of people,” said Cowan. “That's the essence of what separates humans from every other species — we can make things. Anchored Tiny Homes will allow me to be plugged into my local community in a fairly permanent sense, given I’ve had a hand in building homes for people.”

As the franchise expands, it will continue to target major metropolitan areas that have demonstrated an acute need for affordable housing. With 17 additional territories available to be awarded in 2023, Anchored Tiny Homes is targeting Houston, Portland, Miami, Dallas, Tampa, Orlando, New York City, Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh.

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