Awesome Restaurant Franchise Issue: Saladworks | Halal Guys | Robeks
Awesome Restaurant Franchise Issue: Saladworks | Halal Guys | Robeks

1851 digs deeper to give you the details on 3 restaurant franchises

Awesome Restaurant Franchise Issue: Saladworks

Saladworks always keeps things fresh and exciting for customers to keep coming back.

Brand Name: Saladworks

Number of Locations: 92

Franchise Development Website:

Cost to Open: $513,159 - $532,814

Headquarters: Conshohocken, PA

Why the brand is awesome:

Saladworks is America’s original and largest center-of-plate salad franchise concept. With today’s focus on healthy eating, seasonal ingredients and personalization, Saladworks is stepping up to the plate to meet consumers’ expectations. One of the main initiatives under executive Chef Andy Revella was to add more fresh, in-demand items to the menu, like kale and quinoa, and to create rotating seasonal offerings to ensure guests really are getting the freshest ingredients possible at an opportune time. These customizable and specialty salads, along with soup and sandwich options, keep customers coming back multiple times a week and make its restaurants a destination for the entire family.

The brand also continues to innovate outside of the menu despite a 30-year history. The new Saladworks Life Bar kiosk ordering system focuses on personalization and customization, two main pillars of the Saladworks brand identity. Customizable entree options are great for vegetarians, consumers with allergy concerns, and people watching their intake of meat or gluten. Inside its restaurants, the brand is shifting toward earthy tones and wood finishes for a more welcoming atmosphere, inviting guests to stay a while with charging stations. Last but not least, the Saladworks Rewards loyalty program provides its customers with personalized offers that are hard to refuse.


Awesome Restaurant Franchise Issue: Halal Guys

From food cart to franchise, this halal food chain continues to warrant long lines

Brand Name: Halal Guys

Number of Locations: 28

Franchise Development Website:

Cost to Open: $233,600-$844,000

Headquarters: Fort Lee, NJ

Why the brand is awesome:

This Middle Eastern fast-casual restaurant has pioneered the American halal food scene and has helped bring it to the masses with franchising. Its humble beginnings, origin story and delicious plates are what make the brand so lovable. Twenty-five years ago, four friends from Egypt launched their own food cart in New York selling hot dogs but quickly decided to shift gears when they noticed a number of Muslim cab drivers needed a place to buy halal foods, that adhered to Islamic law, in Manhattan. Chicken, gyros and falafel were part of the new offerings. “The Halal Guys” brand was born from its popularity, long lines and famous, proprietary white sauce that accompanied its food.

The brand now franchises worldwide and has franchise agreements with over 200 locations. Franchisees that are extremely passionate about the brand and involved in their community is what they look for in future candidates. What makes them successful is their cult following of hungry consumers waiting for them to open in each new location. Halal Guys dons the tagline #WeAreDifferent, which certainly no one can argue with in the franchise industry right now.

Awesome Restaurant Franchise Issue: Robeks

Robeks stays ahead of the curve for its health-conscious customers.

Brand Name: Robeks

Number of Locations: 84

Franchise Development Website:

Cost to Open: $245,000 – $394,500

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Why the brand is awesome:

This family friendly made-to-order smoothie franchise has become a go-to spot for delicious and still nutritious beverages across the country. Robeks uses the best fruits, fresh vegetables and natural ingredients to create smoothies and juices but also bowls and supplements for its customers. As consumers are becoming more educated on eating healthy, the brand has recognized the need for its transparency on information regarding ingredients, calories, carbs, sugar and more. Options for those who are dairy-free and vegan are available as well as innovative seasonal menu items that complement the brand’s current offerings and keep customers coming back. The quality and variety in the Robeks juicing menu helps to differentiate the brand from its competitors.

The first Robeks store was launched in Southern California in 1996 by David Robertson in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles. Being a health-conscious eater, he realized there weren’t enough options for healthy, quicker service dining. Since then, smoothies and juices have become much more mainstream and appealing to the masses including families and health conscious parents. In 2014, the brand introduced its Next Generation concept to redesign the interior and exterior that took up less than 1,000 square feet created to be more efficient and profitable for franchisees and convenient for consumers.