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CNBC: Pizza Hut Slashes Mobile Ordering Prices in a Bid to Entice Diners

Pizza Hut is offering 50% off full-priced pizzas ordered online until January 9th.

As of right now, Domino’s is at the helm of the growth of the pizza industry, using easy ordering technology, decreased prices and quick delivery to make it easier than ever for consumers to order a pizza. At the start of the new year, Pizza Hut is making a run to catch up with Domino’s, offering 50% off full-priced pizzas now until January 9th.

"Pizza Hut is constantly pursuing ways to simplify the ordering experience," Doug Terfehr, senior director of public relations and partnerships at Pizza Hut, told CNBC. "Digital ordering continues to be our fastest-growing segment of purchase with mobile playing the largest role in that growth."

According to Andrew Feinberg, a principal at consulting group Deloitte, online orders are powerful for a company because of the opportunity to upsell, where retailers can offer upgrades and suggestions.

"This is not about digital. This is not about mobile order and pay. It's really about customer experience," Feinberg told CNBC. "Customer experience is the linchpin for all of this. And the best brands, the best restaurant companies, are thinking first about customer experience and choosing a road map of digital capabilities specific to their brand."

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