Why I Bought Famous Toastery
Why I Bought Famous Toastery

From the CEO to the franchisees, the Famous Toastery team agrees that the better breakfast concept is a winning one.

Taking the plunge to invest in a franchise is a decision not to be taken lightly. Research is done, funds are pooled and testimonial is heard. When it comes to Famous Toastery, the opinion is unanimous—the brand’s high quality dishes, impeccable customer service and supportive executive team make Famous Toastery a franchise that can’t be beat.

Jason Serkin, Famous Toastery’s inaugural franchisee, signed on in August 2013 after he and his wife Michele realized how few breakfast options were available in their stake of South Carolina

“The quality of food and service and we felt it was needed in our area,” Serikin said. “So having a great restaurant and a demand for a better breakfast spot led us toward becoming a part of Famous Toastery.”

The better breakfast franchise also appealed to Serkin due to the brand’s overwhelming support for its network of franchisees. Franchisee training involves extensive training in which the franchisee serves in every position—from bussing tables to manning the kitchen.

Famous Toastery co-founder and CEO can explain Famous Toastery’s franchisee appeal; the reason is two-fold.

It’s the service and the food,” Maynard said. “It’s a team-oriented vibe and everyone works together like a well-oiled machine.”

Maynard and co-founder Brian Burchill’s entertainment backgrounds have been incorporated into the franchise’s serving strategy: “every server is your server.”™ Any Famous Toastery staffer on the floor could potentially serve up your heaping plate of eggs benedict or stack of fluffy flapjacks.

“The product speaks for itself,” Maynard said. “Everything is fresh daily; it’s never frozen or coming out of a box or a bag. Our customers feel good about knowing where the food comes from. It tastes great and it’s priced to create repeat visits.”

It’s this concerted approach to service and cuisine that caught Famous Toastery franchisee Dean Kessel’s attention back in 2014. After a successful career as the director of marketing for Nascar’s Spring Cup and selling a business, Kessel was searching for a new business pursuit.

A longtime fan of Famous Toastery’s fresh and delicious brunch fare, Kessel and his wife Beth found their next venture in the franchise. The couple believed so deeply in Famous Toastery’s franchise options that they relocated to Cary, N.C., from Charlotte to becomes franchisees.

"I asked them if they had talked to anyone yet about a franchise in the Triangle, and then I told them that I wanted to be the person they talk to about the Triangle," Kessel told Biz Journals. "The demographics here are similar to the successful model they have in Charlotte. I think the opportunities are large in this region."

While all members of the Famous Toastery family hail from different backgrounds, cities and industries, there is one element that unites them—a commitment to delivering food that is as wholesome and charming as its customers.