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Franchise Deep Dive: Baskin-Robbins’ Franchise Costs, Fees, Profit and Data

The largest ice cream franchise in the world offers its signature 31 flavors, but what does it offer its franchisees?

LAST UPDATED: January 23, 2023


NUMBER OF LOCATIONS: 7,200-plus worldwide

REPORTED COST TO GET IN: $293,840 and $636,360

REPORTED ROI (Item 19): $488,920 (total U.S. average)

Baskin-Robbins has been an American staple since the 1940s. The brand went from being a small ice cream shop in Glendale, California to the largest ice cream chain in the world known for offering its customers more than 1,400 flavors with the “31” representing a different ice cream flavor for each day of the month. Baskin-Robbins might be the largest chain in the world, but it still has some worthy competitors in brands like Cold Stone CreameryDairy Queen and Ben & Jerry’s. How does the ice cream franchise giant stand out to potential franchisees in a $13 billion dollar industry?

How Many Baskin-Robbins Are There?

There are more than 7,900 Baskin-Robbins locations around the world. In the United States alone, there are over 2,400 locations in 45 states and territories. Baskin-Robbins got its start in 1945 in California. The brand became one of the first to franchise in the 1950s and has since grown to be the largest ice-cream chain in the world.

What Is the Baskin-Robbins Business Model?

The Baskin-Robbins business model allows for two categories of restaurants. Franchisees can choose which model they operate. The options are as follows:

Traditional Restaurants:

  • Freestanding
  • End Cap
  • In-Line

Non-Traditional Restaurants:

  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Potential franchisees also have the option to purchase existing restaurants. Upon purchasing a restaurant, Baskin-Robbins franchise must complete training that includes live, in-store technical training, instructor-led classroom training, an online learning management system and a mentor program.

How Much Can Baskin-Robbins Franchise Owners Make?

Baskin-Robbins’ 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) reflects the average sales for different types of single-branded restaurants in various regions of the United States for the period of November 1, 2020 to October 31, 2021. The numbers reflect a total of 884 restaurant locations.

  • Average Restaurant Sales Based on Region
    • West North: $509,197
    • West South: $538,070
    • Mountain West: $448,632
    • East North: $412,962
    • East South: $416,004
  • Total U.S. Average Sales: $488,920
  • Total U.S. Median Sales: $462,121
  • Total U.S. Highest Sales: $2,032,305
  • Total U.S. Lowest Sales: $5,740

How Much Does It Cost To Open a Baskin-Robbins?

The estimated total investment to begin the operation of a single Baskin-Robbins restaurant is between $293,840 and $636,360. The following costs are part of the upfront costs included in the initial investment:

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $25,000
  • Real Estate Development: $123,000–$267,000
  • Equipment, Fixtures and Signs: $115,000–$197,760
  • Restaurant Technology System: $1,440–$15,000
  • Licenses, Permits, Fees and Deposits: $7,000–$20,000
  • Opening Inventory: $5,000–$8,000
  • Miscellaneous Opening Costs: $9,500–$28,000
  • Uniforms: $400–$800
  • Insurance: $3,500–$8,300
  • Travel and Living Expenses While Training: $1,000–$9,000
  • Marketing Start-Up Fee: $3,000–$5,000
  • Additional Funds for First 3 Months of Operation: $0 to $52,500

What Is the Franchise Fee for Baskin-Robbins?

According to Baskin-Robbins’ FDD, the initial franchise fee for each restaurant opened is $25,000. However, there are options to reduce the price of the initial franchise fee. These options include:

  • Military Veterans Ownership Incentive: Baskin-Robbins will offer qualified veterans up to $20,000 in credit that may be applied to certain fees and costs.
  • Relocation Incentive Offer: Baskin-Robbins may offer programs for existing franchisees that relocate their existing restaurant that may include waived initial franchise fees.

Who Is the Leadership of Baskin-Robbins?

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