Franchise Development Website Guide: Liberty Tax Service
Franchise Development Website Guide: Liberty Tax Service

David Schaefer, Assistant Vice President of Digital Marketing for Liberty Tax Service, highlights what makes franchise development websites stand out.

Name: David Schaefer

Brand: Liberty Tax


About Your Brand: Liberty Tax® Franchise is an award-winning tax preparation business, backed by solid growth and visionary leadership.

Since 1997, we’ve opened more than 4,000 offices by keeping our focus on the future and expanding small business opportunities for our franchisees.

We are committed to the communities in which we operate, and we seek franchisees who want to change people’s lives while they build their own financial future.

Franchise Development Website:

What makes your franchise development site great?

The Liberty Tax franchise development website has all the tools and information prospective franchisees need to decide if they are interested in learning more about the Liberty Tax franchise opportunities.  The mobile 1st website design allows for users on all device types to easily navigate and access the information they desire.  The types and quality of the content offered on the site are important to the site’s goal to be interactive and informative.  Our site content goes above and beyond many of our competitors by offering numerous videos, real franchisee reviews (from different backgrounds), in-depth blogs, whitepapers, a personality assessment, and a section dedicated to our available inventory that maps out our best franchise opportunities across the country. We continuously update the site with new content and improved user experiences (across all devices) to ensure that site visitors and prospective franchisees have a robust and up to date informational resource.

What do you want franchise prospects to know about your brand when researching it?

  • Liberty Tax is a respected, successful, and solid brand to represent.
  • Tax preparation is a reliable and profitable industry.
  • Our proprietary system is proven, and we will train you and provide you with the tools to help you be successful.
  • Franchisees enjoy a positive work-life balance.
  • We are an accomplished brand with many successful franchisees.
  • We have grown to thousands of locations since 1997 and are a Top National Tax preparation firm
  • Credible - We have won numerous awards for our franchising opportunity.
  • Compelling – the time is now to open a tax franchise.

How should franchise sales professionals and executives evaluate their development site?

Franchise sales professionals and executives should look at the following to evaluate their development site:

  • Is the site secure?
  • Is the site built for all devices?
  • Is the site well optimized for search engines?
  • Is the site’s load speed optimal? (e.g. use something like to help)
  • Does the site answer the questions most frequently asked by franchisee prospects?
  • Does the site highlight your unique selling proposition efficiently and effectively?
  • Does the site guide and compel the visitor to take desired action(s) effectively?
  • Is there user-generated content (UGC), reviews, testimonials on your site?
  • Are there persona specific assets on the site? (e.g. testimonials, pages, stats, etc.)
  • Do you offer any gated media to help monetize traffic, generate, and nurture leads?
  • Is the site converting at a high enough rate to support important advertising channels? (e.g. can you compete on the cost of your target keywords in Paid Search with your conversion rates?)

What are the most important KPIs around a development site?

  • Conversion Rate
  • Conversion Volume
  • Traffic/Unique Visitors by Persona/Segment

What should brands budget for a franchise development site?

This is highly dependent on needs, content, integrations, features/functionalities desired, and resources available.  Anywhere from $30k-$60k is ideal for a custom franchise development site.