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About Franchise Business Review

Franchise Business Review is the most respected source of independent franchise information. Since 2005, it has been highlighting the top franchise opportunities based solely on ratings and reviews provided by thousands of franchise owners. In total, Franchise Business Review has researched more than 900 different franchise brands from all of the industry’s segments.

The leading market research firm has two key objectives. The first is to help bring transparency to the franchising industry by providing a forum for franchisees to rate their own brands, and then share this information with the public. The second is to be a resource for franchise brands that are looking to improve their franchisees’ satisfaction.

Why Survey
Why Franchise Business Review

Franchisee satisfaction can make or break an entire franchise system. That’s why Franchise Business Review operates as the premiere resource for both franchisors and franchisees to measure and improve a brand’s rating.

Every year, Franchise Business Review surveys tens of thousands of franchisees to better understand the experience they’re having with their businesses on a daily basis. That information then becomes one of the best ways to discover if a franchise opportunity is as good as it appears. Franchise Business Review provides insights into all aspects of a franchise system, including leadership, culture, training and support, financial outlook and the franchisee community.

Annual Franchisee Satisfaction Awards
Empowering Franchise Candidates

Franchise Business Review provides prospective owners with immediate feedback from existing franchisees—the real industry experts—about brands they may be interested in. Its independent franchisee satisfaction reviews are designed to measure the heath of franchise systems based solely on that feedback.

Beyond its signature research and reports, Franchise Business Review provides additional insight into the industry and brands through various surveys throughout the year. The company also created the Franchise Buyer’s Toolkit, which gives future franchisees access to the information and tools they need to determine the best possible franchising opportunity. 

How Brands Use FBR Data
Supporting Franchisors

When it comes to helping franchisors better serve their local owners and strengthen their systems, Franchise Business Review provides unparalleled insight into franchisee satisfaction. That insight then allows brands to understand where they’re performing well and what areas need to be improved. By working with brands to increase their franchisees’ satisfaction, Franchise Business Review helps franchisors see more success in the industry. To date, Franchise Business Review has worked with more than 800 brands.

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