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Young Entrepreneurs in Franchising: 5 Inspiring Success Stories

The five franchising success stories serve as a testament to the resilience of young entrepreneurs and the limitless possibilities in the industry.

Here’s a look into the inspiring success stories of five young entrepreneurs who have embraced franchising, showcasing their resilience, innovation and ability to seize opportunities.

August JohnsonBizCom Associates

August Johnson, who has a background in public relations and communication, says she stumbled into franchising while looking for a fast-paced, motivated work environment. She went to work for BizCom Associates as an account manager in 2018 and has since risen to the position of vice president of client relations.

“The problems that are most challenging to face provide the most rewarding solutions,” Johnson told 1851 Franchise. “It was trial by fire for me as a young professional, but it helped me mature in my career.”

Brian LucianiSMB Franchise Advisors*

SMB Franchise Advisors was founded by Brian Luciani's uncle, so he's been around franchising for a long time. He got an even closer look at the franchise industry while interning in high school and college. After seeing how franchising can benefit businesses, he joined the SMB team in 2023 and now serves as the company's chief development officer and venture partner.

“Our aspiration in franchising is to continue watching our clients succeed,” said Luciani. “Since 2009, SMB Franchise Advisors has helped almost 500 brands to launch and grow into the franchise industry. What success looks like for me is focusing on how we get our clients to really see the growth and opportunity they want to see for their brand.”

Ben GonzalezScoop Soldiers and Chorbie

Ben Gonzalez first got involved with franchising when he made the decision to transition from his project manager role in commercial construction to a landscape management position. This led him to an encounter with EJ McCoy, co-founder and CEO of Scoop Soldiers, which in turn led to his current role as vice president of communications for Scoop Soldiers and Chorbie.

Today, Gonzalez prioritizes fostering relationships among founders within the industry and emphasizes proactive communication as a key to success. “There's this terminology of abundance mindset, and I take that to heart,” he said. “And so what I'm trying to get to is essentially bridging the gap between founders within the same industry. It's important to me to be proactive in initiating conversations between founders.” 

Corinne PersichettiGoodness Bowls

Corinne Perscichetti is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Goodness Bowls. Although she originally intended to have only one location, the positive feedback that the brand received led Perscichetti and her team to look into franchising. 

“When I started this, I was coming right out of college,” said Persichetti. “I dove into starting a business with my mom. It was hard for me to not compare myself to my peers. I would tell my younger self to not compare. Just worry about yourself. Happiness comes from loving what you’re doing.”

Lyndsay WahlVanity Fur Mobile Pet Salons

When Lyndsay Wahl first started at Vanity Fur Mobile Pet Salons 10 years ago, she wasn't all that familiar with the franchising space. However, since Vanity Fur recently started offering franchise opportunities, she has developed a passion for it and is excited about growing the brand through this new avenue. She currently serves as Vanity Fur's franchise support manager.

“I didn't know a lot about franchising until my boss started talking about it,” said Wahl. “I’ve been to a few conferences and that’s where I started learning about franchising — and I just love it.” 

From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, these entrepreneurs all showcased a blend of passion, perseverance, and strategic thinking that propelled them toward success. Their journeys underscore the potential for aspiring young entrepreneurs to thrive in the franchising industry, armed with determination, innovation, and a willingness to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

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