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Great Clips Celebrates Veterans Day by Shining a Spotlight on Military Heroes through its #GREATful4VETS Campaign

The world’s largest salon’s new campaign aims to extend its Veterans Day celebrations far beyond November 11, 2017.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 10:10AM 11/13/17

For Great Clips, the world’s largest hair salon brand, celebrating and supporting its network of franchisees, employees and customers is a top priority. That’s especially true on Veterans Day—the brand’s 4,200-plus locations are owned, managed and frequented by those who have served in the military themselves as well as their supportive friends and family members. In an effort to make this year’s celebration even more impactful, Great Clips is introducing its #GREATful4VETS campaign.

This isn’t the first time that Great Clips has shown support for military heroes on Veterans Day—for the past five years, all of the brand’s locations have celebrated the occasion by giving free haircuts to veterans. The brand has also regularly participated in the VetFran program, offering an incentive for veterans to join its franchise system with a rebate on part of their initial franchise fee.—. However, this year, Great Clips decided that it wanted to take its efforts to honor veterans to the next level.
“We really wanted to do something different this year to celebrate Veterans Day. Instead of the entire focus being on the free haircut, we made it our mission to show how grateful we are for veterans year-round. So, we looked to our own system. Between our network of franchisees, their salon employees and managers we have tens of thousands of people in place who know veterans and who have supported veterans. We decided to shine a spotlight on their service,” said Tammy Nienaber, Great Clips’ director of communications. “We at Great Clips get to work among extraordinary people within our own network who are serving or have served their country, or are making an impact on the lives of these individuals each and every day. That’s why in 2017, we’re shining the spotlight on their inspiring stories.”

In addition to offering free haircuts for veterans on November 11 at all U.S. Great Clips salons, the brand is providing free haircut cards for veterans who come into one of its salons on that actual day that can be used any time before the end of the year. Non-military customers who purchase a service at their local Great Clips on November 11 also get a free haircut card to give to a veteran that they know. But the #GREATful4VETS campaign doesn’t end there. After receiving nominations from members of its system, Great Clips sat down with 13 individuals who are all connected to the brand and documented their powerful stories.

The series of videos, which can be found on Great Clips’ website, shine a light on people who have served or supported local military heroes. One of those individuals is multi-unit franchisee Bill Jackson. From being in one of the families included in Brown vs. Board of Education to serving for two decades as an Air Force Commander, Jackson has learned how to be a leader. And now, he’s using that experience to create a family that’s similar to the one he had in the military across his 13 Great Clips salons.

“(In the military) There’s always a closeness. There’s always a bond that’s automatically there. You don’t see that any place. I still feel that closeness,” said Jackson.

Another individual featured in Great Clips’ #GREATful4VETS campaign is Patty Addison, a Great Clips manager who has supported her husband and two sons through multiple deployments overseas. It was her family that nominated her to be included, saying that it’s her consistent support that enables them to serve.

“I couldn’t do what I do—and neither could any other soldier do what they do—without the support of their family,” said Lance Addison, a U.S. Army Crew Chief currently serving in Egypt.

The Jacksons and the Addisons aren’t the only families highlighted in this campaign—#GREATful4VETS tells the stories of 13 individuals across the brand’s network who have actively served or go above and beyond to support those who have served in the military. Other highlighted people include Dennis Stevens, a Great Clips franchisee who helps veterans through a non-profit organization that helps active and retired soldiers recover from traumatic injuries through retreats called Operation Second Chance, Beth Callender, a Great Clips general manager who was inspired to join the Army after hearing stories from her grandfather about his time serving during World War II, and Jon Jacobson, the husband of a Great Clips salon manager, was injured in Iraq in 2009.

The #GREATful4VETS campaign won’t end with Veterans Day on November 11—after receiving an overwhelming response and number of nominations from its system, the brand is planning to continue telling the stories of veterans who are making a difference in people’s lives.

“We’re always looking for ways to inspire our franchisees and their teams to really feel like they’re a part of this brand, and this campaign gives us a great opportunity to do just that. This Veterans Day, Great Clips is celebrating great heroes. So, we asked our system, ‘Who are you grateful for?’ Their responses have been so inspiring. We’re thrilled that we’re now able to share them with the world,” said Nienaber. “We created this campaign with the goal of going beyond our traditional offer of free haircuts in salons, and we’re proud to say we’re exceeding that expectation. A big part of our culture is working together and collaborating, and our entire system has come together to support and show how GREATful we are for the local heroes who put their lives on the line to serve.”

To learn more about Great Clips’ “GREATful4Veterans” campaign, click here. You can also recognize your heroes on social media with the hashtag “#GREATful4VETS.”

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