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Hand & Stone Showcases Exceptional Support for Franchise Owners Allowing It to Continue to Hold Its High Ranking In The Industry

Thanks to its in-house advertising agency, membership-style business model and educational foundation, Hand & Stone is able to provide the utmost support for franchise owners.

By Taylor Karg1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 2:14PM 02/10/20

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa has been polishing up its business since 2004. Now with over 450+ locations in the United States and Canada, the massage and facial spa has received a multitude of awards regarding its services and business practices. For example, Hand & Stone was recently ranked No. 1 in the spa category by Entrepreneur Magazine for 2019, as well as ranked No. 8 on Forbes’ Best Franchises to Buy list for 2019 in the high investment category. And, according to Forbes, Hand & Stone has seen a 25.4% 5-Year Growth Rate, second only to Culvers. 

Hand & Stone has been able to quickly rise in the ranks for many reasons, one of them being the unparalleled support it provides franchisees through its built-in consulting arm, in-house advertising agency and membership-based, recurring revenue  business model. It’s no wonder the awards keep on flooding in

From the time new franchisees sign on, they are supported through each stage of the process. Kris Smith, Vice President of Real Estate Development at Hand & Stone, and his consulting team work with the franchisee throughout the real estate process, which includes support through the design and construction aspects of their Hand & Stone location. “We are a very hands-on company,” Smith said. “We walk them through each stage of the real estate portion of the business, finding the right location and building, and with construction and design. 

Furthermore, Hand & Stone supports franchisees through its in-house advertising agency. It’s a full-service agency that, according to Bob McQuillan, Vice President of Franchise Development for Hand & Stone, was designed to handle marketing on behalf of the franchisees. “We have a social media department, graphic designers and SEO experts that organize and implement all of the franchisees’ marketing needs.” 

“When our franchisees invest their life savings in a Hand & Stone location, they have the comfort of knowing they have access to an agency to create compelling marketing assets for them, ultimately driving more traffic to their businesses,” McQuillan added. 

Jack Bachinsky, Hand & Stone Chief Marketing Officer, echoes similar sentiments on the franchisee-focused in-house advertising agency. 

“Our in-house agency is dedicated to working for our franchisees,” he said. “Each franchisee is set up with a digital account executive who works to make sure all aspects of the business are working well together, while simultaneously working to make sure the franchisees receive the best possible return-on-investment. Additionally, the agency has the ability to gather real-time data regarding each specific location and its performance, allowing us to adjust any plans in place to better the franchisee’s business.” 

Another way Hand & Stone supports its franchise owners is through its membership-style business model. The spa offers a convenient membership package, making regular care for the mind and body an accessible service for people in the community, thus driving more repeat customers to Hand & Stone locations. This then creates recurring revenue stream of franchise owners as it entices members to keep coming back for an array of services—anywhere from top-quality therapeutic massages, to multiple types of facials or hair removal services. 

Furthermore, customers can join the ‘Healthy Lifestyle Program’, a membership program that offers the choice of a one-hour massage or signature facial. For additional low rates, members can also purchase other services, including gift cards for family and friends. 

“It’s a normal practice to get massages or facials on a monthly basis for a lot of people,” said McQuillan. “Because of the size of our footprint and our customers’ loyalty to the brand, people can  just assume that wherever they move to, they will be able to visit a Hand & Stone location.” 

Smith added, “People are becoming more health conscious and taking care of their bodies, which poises as an exceptional opportunity for franchisees to not only see more traffic from new customers, but to turn those new customers into repeat ones.”

Since its inception, Hand & Stone has prioritized franchisee success through its ongoing support and education foundation. In a time where hiring the right talent is top of mind for business owners, Hand & Stone has earned accreditation so that it can provide credit hours to its estheticians and massage therapists that, paired with its robust training program, allows Hand & Stone employees to renew their certifications and stay up-to-date in their respective fields at all times. 

Smith, McQuillan, Bachinsky and the rest of the Hand & Stone team agree that the time is now to franchise with the company

“Hand & Stone provides a service that can’t ever be taken over by say Amazon, it’s a really strong opportunity for prospective franchisees as we’ve built great brand awareness, complete with all the necessary tools for them to succeed,” said Bachinsky.

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