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How Famous Toastery Became, Well, Famous

The “toastery with the mostery” has come a long way since opening their first location in 2005 and has earned their acclaimed reputation through a dedication to outstanding food and service.

When it comes to breakfast innovation, no one does it better than Famous Toastery.

Founded in North Carolina in 2005 by Brian Burchill and Robert Maynard, the brand has strived to create a lively atmosphere where friends and family can come together for a good meal. The innovative duo has come a long way from their humble beginnings and taken the breakfast game to the next level with a commitment to food that is decadent and nutritious, uncompromisingly fresh and served quickly.

Since its inception, the Famous Toastery brand has embodied what better-breakfast can and should mean within the saturated restaurant industry. Burchill and Maynard carved out a highly valuable niche through their unique business model, which features a scratch kitchen, welcoming atmosphere where “Every Server is Your Server” and innovation through the adoption of technology solutions for franchisees, servers and guests. Though the co-founders knew they had a great idea on their hands, Maynard says they had no way of knowing just how quickly the concept would take off.

“Be careful what you wish for,” Maynard joked, recalling how popular the brand became among prospective franchisees. “We couldn’t have anticipated the demand we’d experience among customers, but, with the right perspective and evaluation, we got on the right track to ensuring that any growth we had was beneficial to the brand. When you grow that quickly, you run the risk of losing focus. Despite some speed bumps, we managed to rein in our momentum and put purpose behind that growth.”

Since 2013 Famous Toastery has grown to over 25 locations on the East Coast with no signs of slowing down. Though brunch popularity has undoubtedly contributed to this growth, interested franchisees over the years have responded favorably to the brand’s business model and commitment to customer service. The brand is also known for their charitable efforts, donating 100% of the first two days’ proceeds to local non-profit organizations every time a new location opens.

“Our franchisees are some of the best people you’ll ever meet,” said Maynard. “They all tend to be folks who want to bring something positive to their communities. Great food — which we have — can only take you so far. You need people in your network who are dedicated to providing a great experience to customers and to treating your employees well. It’s all a part of the equation.”

One of the biggest differences between Famous Toastery and other breakfast concepts, however, is their unwillingness to simply rely on a good business model. Brand leadership is continuously innovating new ways to improve the franchising experience by regularly updating their menus with exciting new products and adopting new technologies that can improve operations. Burchill believes that the brand’s ability to roll with the changes is a major part of Famous Toastery’s appeal.

“Whether they’re a customer or an interested franchisee, people are always excited to see what we will do next,” said Burchill. “Let’s face it: The brunch game is competitive, and it takes a deep knowledge of consumer eating habits and a commitment to providing the best possible experience to really stand out. Everything we do is done with both our franchisees and our customers in mind. We adopt the latest and greatest technology, for example, not only to make the lives of our franchisees and their employees easier, but to ensure customer satisfaction is met. You can only achieve that by regularly updating your model.”

As the brand continues to carry on “famously,” Burchill and Maynard are more committed than ever to identifying the right franchisees, standing out from the competition and bringing value to their customers. The breakfast-forward duo are looking to double in size over the next two and a half years, and sticking to their values can keep them on the right track.

“We’re really excited to see where the next couple of years takes us,” said Burchill. “As we continue to reach new regions and demographics, we’ll continue to adapt our model and innovate to keep up with the times.”

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