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How to Succeed as a Multi-Unit Franchisee: Chris Pittner, Sylvan Learning

Pittner and his brother own seven Texas locations of the education franchise. Here’s how he grew a successful franchise portfolio.

By Chris LaMorte1851 Franchise Editor
Updated 8:08AM 06/25/21

Sylvan Learning* is the leading provider of personal learning for students in grades K-12. Brothers Chris and Jano Pittner have been with the Sylvan Learning franchise for 15 years. Currently, the pair owns seven locations of the education brand. Over the years, they’ve been recognized as among the top revenue generators in the 750-unit system.

Sylvan Learning’s goal is to transform how students learn and inspire them to succeed in school and in life. As children of a math teacher, Chris and Jano remember their father as passionate about helping children learn

“He was all about mastering skills and not so much about the grades,” said Pittner. “The grades will come if the kids really enjoy learning.”

After working with Blockbuster Movies as a regional director, Chris Pittner was familiar with the franchise industry and decided to pursue it as his own career path. He liked the idea of owning your own business while also having a partner to offer support and structure. 

“Education was something that we felt was a good fit for us,” said Pittner. But as children of a teacher, they knew that before they could find the brand they wanted to invest in, they needed to do their homework. “You have to really drill down and look at a multitude of different brands that are within that space.”

Today, even with seven locations, Pittner says homework — or as he puts it, “a constant search for great directors,” — is at the core of his success. “If you have the right leadership at each unit, generally, good things are going to happen.”

1851 Franchise asked Pittner to share more of his insights as a successful multi-unit owner, including what he would tell franchisors who are interested in attracting more franchisees like him and his brother.

Watch the full interview above, or click here to watch it on YouTube.

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