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Military Veterans Who Became Great Franchisees: David Muir - Footprints Floors

National Guard veteran David Muir discusses his journey into the franchising industry and offers advice for other veteran franchisees.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
8:08AM 07/11/24

Veteran Franchisee: David Muir

Franchise: Footprints Floors*

Muir's career has been remarkably diverse, spanning roles from a machine gunner in the Virginia National Guard to a PE teacher, chef and staffing industry expert. For the past 17 years, he has dedicated himself to assisting veterans in transitioning to civilian careers as the senior vice president of Easterseals' Veteran Staffing Network. Now, he has decided to venture into franchising with Footprints Floors.

1851 Franchise talked with Muir about his journey in franchising, his accomplishments in the industry and the advice he has for other veterans interested in venturing into franchising.

“I had been recommending franchising as a solution to hundreds and hundreds of veterans over the years, so I figured I’d take a look at it,” said Muir. “I found this opportunity with Footprints Floors and I couldn’t be more excited about it.”

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The transcript below has been edited for style, brevity and clarity.

1851 Franchise: Can you tell us about your background and journey from the military to entrepreneurship?

David Muir: I enlisted in the Virginia Army National Guard on my 17th birthday and served from 1989 to 1995, during which I was never deployed. After leaving the military, I pursued a culinary career, wrote a job search curriculum, redesigned the TAP program for the Department of Labor and ran a veteran staffing network for a major nonprofit for 11 years. Eventually, I decided to explore franchising, which I had recommended to many veterans, and found a great opportunity with Footprints Floors.

1851: How did your military experience prepare you for franchising?

Muir: Veterans are exceptional candidates for franchising because we are accustomed to following detailed instructions and executing to standards, much like in the military where we have manuals for everything. A successful franchise has a proven playbook that can be replicated, which aligns well with military training.

1851: What is your favorite thing about Footprints Floors?

Muir: The camaraderie within the group is fantastic. I signed my franchise agreement just before the National Conference, allowing me to meet many franchisees and experience the strong sense of teamwork and support. The corporate support is genuine and creates a family-like atmosphere, which is very encouraging.

1851: What are you most proud of in your franchise journey so far?

Muir: We're about to get started after completing the process of obtaining an SBA loan, which involves a lot of paperwork. I'm excited to have all the paperwork in place and am just waiting for the final approval to open my doors.

1851: What advice would you give to other veterans considering franchising?

Muir: Do your due diligence. There are many franchise opportunities, so ensure the one you choose aligns with your interests and values. Talk to other franchisees. They can provide candid insights about their experiences, including the good and bad aspects. Assess your need for autonomy and support. Consider how much independence and support you need, and choose a franchise that fits those needs. For example, Footprints Floors has a strong support infrastructure, which was appealing to me.

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