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Modern Market Eatery Targets Houston, Texas, for Franchise Expansion

Building off an established presence in the Lone Star State, the emerging fast-casual franchise is hoping to add over 10 new locations in Houston specifically.

Modern Market Eatery, a leader in the fast-casual dining sector, has set its sights on Houston, Texas, as part of its next phase of expansion markets. The brand, known for its health-conscious and chef-inspired menu, is poised to tap into the dynamic Houston market, leveraging its existing presence in Texas to fuel growth. 

“With a growth brand like ours, at 32 restaurants, we think it makes sense for us to recruit franchisees in adjacent markets where we have a higher likelihood of existing awareness,” said Chris Cheek, chief development officer at Modern Market. “We have been in Texas for many years, including Austin and Dallas. Those locations have been very successful for us.”

And this strategic advantage of expanding in adjacent markets is multifaceted. Cheek emphasizes the importance of proximity for potential franchisees to experience the brand firsthand, for example. 

“If it's a franchisee candidate that has never experienced the brand, they can try the food and experience the hospitality,” Cheek said. “Also, not only are consumers more likely to know the brand, but landlords are also more likely to recognize the name. This makes the real estate and site selection process much easier.”

Of course, Houston's reputation as a thriving food town also plays a significant role in Modern Market's expansion plans. The city's diverse culinary scene and strong consumer base present a fertile ground for new restaurant concepts like Modern Market

“Houston is wide open and it is a great food town,” Cheek said. “When you look at competitor brands, similarly situated, they tend to do very well in Houston. For me, that is a better measurement than being overly analytical on demographics.”

Overall, Modern Market has identified room to add between 10 and 12 new locations in the greater Houston market.

The initial investment to franchise with Modern Market Eatery ranges from $728,500 to $1.47 million, including a $40,000 franchise fee. The average restaurant volume is $2.6 million. Each restaurant is expected to create up to 25 full- and part-time jobs, contributing to local employment opportunities.

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