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Mold Medics Expands Into Philadelphia With up to 20 Available Territories

The indoor air quality franchise is looking to expand its Pennsylvania presence by growing in the greater Philadelphia area.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 7:07AM 08/07/23

Mold Medics, the emerging indoor air quality franchise that offers mold, radon and other allergen remediation services, is growing in Philadelphia with space for up to 20 new units. With four locations currently operating in Western Pennsylvania, Mold Medics already has brand awareness in the space and has seen strong success thanks to the prevalence of radon in the area.

“Indoor air quality and health of people and pets is a critical concern everywhere, and mold is a consistent concern throughout the country,” explained Tim Swackhammer, founder of Mold Medics. “Many home sales in the area require mold and radon inspections, which only drives demand further.”

In addition to sales-related inspections and services, many established homeowners will utilize Mold Medics’ services in the Philadelphia area. Radon levels are very high in the area due to soil composition and the age of some homes, and radon testing and remediation is a specialized service that not all standard home inspection and environmental health concepts offer.

Further differentiating itself, Mold Medics leverages a pet-safe, child-safe and people-safe method for indoor remediation services that does not introduce other harmful chemicals or substances to the home. 

“We have become a go-to source for many homeowners in the area,” said Swackhammer. “When executed according to our methods, our remediation services are safe for everyone, including kids, pets and other vulnerable populations. Many clients are driven to us because they have extenuating circumstances that make other remediation options unsafe for them, and we become the standout safe option in the community.”

Philadelphia Franchise Owners Will Have Easy Access to a Larger Support Network

With proximity to the Mold Medics headquarters and support center in Western Pennsylvania, franchise owners in the Philadelphia area will be close to any support they need throughout the training and launch process, as well as ongoing support. Further, because Mold Medics is backed by Threshold Brands, the over 500-unit multi-brand home services franchisor, owners will be connected with other qualified owners and founders nearby. 

The Threshold Brands system includes hundreds of passionate owners with a range of prior professional experience, home services knowledge, marketing expertise and operational insights, and local owners often come together to strategize and share best practices. 

As Mold Medics continues to grow, it is looking to add six new locations nationwide in the next year, targeting Cleveland, Cincinnati, Louisville, Orlando and Tampa in addition to the greater Philadelphia area.

The start-up costs for starting a Mold Medics are $83,049–$158,999, with an initial franchise fee of $29,999. For more information on franchising with Mold Medics, visit