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Mold Medics Offers Intensive Training and Support for Franchise Owners

The brand ensures franchisees feel supported in every facet from day one throughout the life of their business.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 2:14PM 10/26/22

Mold Medics, an emerging mold remediation franchise, has spent much time and effort ensuring the brand’s internal support network is ready to aid new owners as the company grows. The intensive training and support that the franchise offers, from signing and throughout operations, is comprehensively designed to ensure they become Mold Medics experts.  

“We're constantly revisiting and revamping what our training process looks like and exactly what we're incorporating into it. Our corporate office is used like a test kitchen, where we are constantly trying out and demoing new things,” said Tim Swackhammer, CEO of Mold Medics. “As we see what works and what doesn't, we're going to plug in those aspects into the training process for our new franchisees.”

The franchise training process starts with a third-party certification for mold or indoor air quality issues, which is done at a local level, depending on state regulations. Those courses will give franchisees a good background of the industry and practices.  

Afterward, they go to Mold Medics headquarters for 40 hours of company training. It begins with learning more about the brand and its franchise system, and then franchisees go out into the field to shadow on service calls and learn each role of the company, from technician to admin to sales and marketing. 

Next is the business launch phase, when franchisees set up their local office. Mold Medics handles online listings, getting a web landing page and Google My Business launched, and helps with all their social media. The team members will go out with franchisees to make the initial bids and “help make sure that everything's going smoothly as they are ready to launch,” Swackhammer said.

“We are very diligent in making sure they are fully equipped to open, that they know how to go through the different services, understand when to use one product versus another and have a good understanding of how to operate,” he added. 

And once franchisees are up and running, the corporate team is always there in different capacities to provide ongoing support. Mold Medics has a library of training materials, a support team that can help with issues and a call center that handles appointment scheduling. Swackhammer also does biweekly business coaching sessions where he goes over all aspects of the business. 

“It's important to make sure they are comfortable and really confident speaking about the brand to not just customers but also referral partners — the realtors, home inspectors and property management companies that we work with — so that they can market and sell their jobs effectively,” Swackhammer said.

The start-up costs for starting a Mold Medics are $83,049–$158,999, with an initial franchise fee of $29,999. For more information on franchising with Mold Medics, visit