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ProLift Garage Doors Offers Winter Safety Tips on CBS Affiliate WDJT

ProLift Garage Doors franchisee Aaron Bernstein demonstrated how to properly winterize garage doors.

Aaron Bernstein, owner of ProLift Garage Doors in Milwaukee, was featured on CBS affiliate WDJT in Milwaukee to provide some garage door safety tips, including how to winterize garage doors.

According to Bernstein,the most important things to look for are wear and tear on garage door features, which might need to be replaced by a professional before the winter months.

“Start on the outside of your garage. It’s very simple to see if you have weather stripping on the outside. If it’s gone, you need to have a professional come out and replace it,” said Bernstein. “Take a look at the cables attached to the garage door. If they are frayed or rusted, now would be a good time to have them replaced. With the change in seasons, chemicals used on the roads can affect your garage door.”

View the entire segment online here.

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