How Signal 88 Supports Franchises at Each Stage of the Life Cycle
How Signal 88 Supports Franchises at Each Stage of the Life Cycle

The corporate team provides franchisees with five phases of support as they scale and grow

Over the last year or so, Signal 88 Security CEO Reed Nyffeler has led an initiative to tailor support to franchisees based on the health and maturity of their franchise. The company has attached a catchy slogan to the program: #GoFartherFaster.

“As we extend support to franchisees, we look to see what phase they’re in. For example, we might see they’re currently in Phase 3 — which is great — but then we always want to do what we can to help them get to Phase 4,” said Karen Daniel, Director of Marketing at Signal 88 Security.

Jackie Aguilar-Montalban and her wife, Andrea, became owners of Signal 88 Security of San Diego in 2017. Jackie admits that her first encounter with the company was by chance, but was inspired to become a franchisee thanks to the support of the national network.

“It was an opportunity to be an independent owner of a business, but also have a support system that comes with a well-established, successful brand,” Aguilar-Montalban explains.

“The Franchise Group has always been there for us. They act like our vetting company, and we are always able to call, text or email with questions, and they’re always extremely responsive.”

As new owners, the Aguilar-Montalbans are naturally in Phase 1. This stage starts with pre-launch activities, guided by a Launch Coordinator through the process of securing a license and vehicle. Every detail is considered so the new franchisee can hit the ground running. That’s followed by a week of in-person training, split between the Omaha, NE, headquarters and the successful Wichita, KS, franchise.

When the franchisee opens, a sales team from the Franchise Group visits the market. Email and telemarketing campaigns help the new franchisee get appointments, while hands-on sales coaching teaches the new owner how to turn those leads into clients. Because so many of Signal 88’s franchisees aren’t experienced entrepreneurs, training and support is a crash course in business ownership. The objective is to cover costs and training focuses heavily on the sales process.

In Phase 2 — the Team Phase — franchisees can cover their costs and have begun hiring staff to conduct the security patrols. This allows the owner to “get out of the car” and focus on sales, management, and continued business growth. Many of Signal 88’s franchise owners are experienced in building and training teams. The Franchise Group’s operations staff helps owners translate these skills into the business world.

Most Signal 88 franchises reach $1 million in annual revenue after about five years. This triggers Phase 3 — the Business Phase — and usually results in a change in lifestyle for the owner. In this phase, Nyffeler travels to the market for a “celebration visit.” He is accompanied by directors from the Franchise Group who work with staff over several days to fix weaknesses, strengthen efficiencies, and create a strategy to reach Phase 4.

Phase 4 — the Company Phase —occurs once the franchisee is making more than $2.5 million annually. “Their objective at this phase is to create a legacy, and we’re focused on legacy development,” Daniel said.

Franchisees in Phase 4 often own multiple territories and are looking to scale the business plan as an investment moving forward. As in Phase 3, Nyffeler and a team of experts visit these franchisees once yearly to ensure all is on track. Conversations focus on strategic goals rather than tactical needs, to help the franchisee achieve the growth they desire.

Today, Signal 88 Security has three franchisees in Phase 4. One of them is Jeff Carlyle, a multi-unit franchisee with two partners and four territories across Georgia, California, New Mexico, and Ohio. Carlyle, who joined the Signal 88 network in 2012, praises the Franchise Group for boosting and customizing support for his franchises’ varying circumstances.

“Reed and the leadership team at the Franchise Group really put a lot of effort into this,” Carlyle says. “They’re starting to do support visits out in the field where they’re coming in and really tailoring support to the franchise specifically. They understand what phase you’re in and want to help you get better no matter what stage of growth you’re in.”

Carlyle and his partners have their sights set on Phase 5 — the Enterprise Phase. At this stage, Daniel explains, the franchise could seek venture capital to multiply and expand even further.

Only in its tenth year of franchising, no Signal 88 franchisee has yet reached Phase 5. Several franchises globally are positioned to reach this stage, and when they do, the network is ready to support them.

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