Sport Clips' Flexible Business Model Helps Multi-Unit Franchisee Thrive
Sport Clips' Flexible Business Model Helps Multi-Unit Franchisee Thrive

The brand's proven franchise system gives Scott Richburg the opportunity to find a balance between overseeing his 18 locations and spending time with his family.

For Scott Richburg, a multi-unit Sport Clips franchisee in Arkansas, there’s no such thing as a normal day at the office.

Of course, there are some constants—he starts his day at 9:00 a.m. on the dot by checking emails and making sure there aren’t any fires that need to be put out. He then spends some time on accounting in order to make sure the right financial statements are being compiled. Richburg will also dedicate a few hours of his day to local marketing efforts or checking in with Sport Clips’ accessible corporate team to see if there are any new developments that need to be applied to his locations. But beyond that, the rest of his day always looks a little different.

On any given day, you can find Richburg helping out at one of his 18 Sport Clips locations. He jumps into every aspect of the business—aside from being a local owner, Richburg likes to take care of the small things like cleaning and minor maintenance jobs. He says it gives him the opportunity to check up on all of his stores and employees.

“Physically being in the stores allows me to make sure that the excellent service we promise all of our customers is being delivered,” said Richburg. “Sport Clips is so successful because of its unique and superior services. We don’t just sell haircuts for men and boys—we offer a MVP experience that can’t be found anywhere else.”

Richburg is ultimately able to ensure Sport Clips’ high standards are upheld across all of his franchise units because of the flexibility that the brand offers. Sport Clips opens the doors for its franchisees to take its successful system and apply it to their local communities in a way that works best for them. It’s that same flexibility that gives Richburg the ability to achieve an ideal work-life balance.

“Sport Clips’ flexible model has been invaluable to me as an entrepreneur. Not only do I have the support of a strong corporate team behind me, I also have the opportunity to spend more time with my family. When my kids were growing up, I was able to pick them up from school every day. Now that they’re in college, I’m able to spend more time with them when they’re home in the summer,” Richburg said.

The benefits of being a Sport Clips franchisee don’t stop there. The brand’s expansion efforts allow franchisees like Richburg to continue building and growing their businesses with multi-unit development, with the corporate team offering continued training and support every step of the way. The cost of opening a Sport Clips location is also affordable for local owners—initial investments typically range from $183,300 to $351,500.

“Sport Clips makes it incredibly easy to run your own business. That’s not to say you don’t work hard—entrepreneurship requires an intense work ethic and drive. But working with Sport Clips gives you the comfort of knowing you’re not alone, and that there are other owners who have gone before you and helped pave the way for you to succeed,” said Richburg.

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