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The Residential Cleaning Landscape of 2021: Clean Is Here To Stay

As the residential cleaning industry becomes more in-demand than ever, Maid Right saw a 29% increase in sales between Q3 and Q4 of 2020. Now, entrepreneurs have an exciting opportunity to enter a thriving industry with the support and backing of a proven company.

Residential cleaning is an offering that will never go out of style. People want clean homes, and with everyone spending more time in the home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for professional cleaning has never been higher.

That is why Maid Right, the residential cleaning franchise under the Premium Service Brands umbrella, has seen a major increase in demand over the past few months, including a 29% increase in sales between Q3 and Q4 of 2020.

Just ask Henderson, Nevada-based Maid Right franchisee Sean Bellinger. After working in the corporate health care field for 20 years, Bellinger decided to follow his dream of starting his own business. 

“My wife and I had always talked about starting our own business and we knew that we wanted the stability and support of a franchise,” said Bellinger. “We originally heard about Maid Right through a franchise coach. Once we did our due diligence, we quickly realized the residential cleaning industry offered an incredible opportunity for success.”

Why Choose the Residential Cleaning Industry?

The best thing about the residential cleaning industry, Bellinger says, is that once the business is up and running, the business model is one that has recurring revenue

“You do have to find new customers, but unlike other businesses where you service one customer and then move on to another, in the cleaning industry, the same customer returns every few weeks,” he said. “This means that the calendar fills up quickly and your main job is to provide a good service and create lasting relationships. That reliable customer base is a unique aspect of the cleaning business and was a major reason we chose Maid Right.” 

To create loyal and satisfied customers, Maid Right franchisees pair each house with the same, insured cleaners each visit and hold themselves to a high level of standards by using the Maid Right Tracker® system to confirm they’ve completed everything on the checklist and met all the customer’s goals. Plus, the option for recurring cleaning services ensures that franchisees are positioned for consistent revenue.

Why Maid Right Stands Out as a Business Opportunity

While the cleaning industry may be a safe bet, Bellinger notes that not every concept is created equal, and Maid Right stands out as a particularly strong business opportunity in the segment.

“Premium Service Brands creates a family atmosphere throughout their entire organization,” he said. “They give you a framework that you can build on, and they give you the support and the tools that you need to do that. People start franchises because they want to buy into something that someone has already proven. Maid Right provides the infrastructure, coaches, peer network, resources and support needed to grow.”

Starting a home-based business with Maid Right provides franchisees with a flexible business opportunity with no brick and mortar, as well as the marketing support, equipment, supplies and customers needed to start working and building a loyal customer base from day one. 

Bellinger started his Maid Right business in late 2019, and while the first few months were successful, he could never have predicted what would happen in early 2020. Luckily, the stability of the cleaning industry once again provided an advantage over other business opportunities.

“The pandemic had a very significant impact on our sales in the beginning,” Bellinger said. “We were still in the growth phase, which was challenging, but we were lucky to be able to stay open because residential cleaning is an essential business. By June, we had recovered and were back to pre-pandemic levels. We would never have been able to do that without the support and infrastructure of Maid Right.”

Why Maid Right is Well-Positioned for the Future

Amid COVID-19, many businesses are seeing an increased demand for high-quality cleaning services, according to a new study by Even prior to that, the recession-resistant home cleaning segment had been growing exponentially thanks to the changing behaviors of millennials. Nearly half of 25- to 34-year-olds are now hiring cleaners to accommodate their hectic schedules or because they would rather spend their time in other ways. 

“Homeowners are driven to invest in cleaning services because they don’t have the time to do it themselves, and they have disposable income to pay someone else to do it,” Bellinger said. “That will never change. The only difference is that now customers are spending more time in the home and are looking for the companies that can provide the safest and most reliable service.”

The ResearchAndMarkets study also notes that the industry is seeing an increased demand for green and sustainable cleaning services following COVID-19, as well as for disinfectants that can fight diseases. Maid Right appeals to this changing consumer demand with the use of fully eco-friendly and biodegradable products, as well as the brand’s MR Shield, a disinfecting mist that destroys 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses and protects surfaces even days after initial cleaning.

“There will always be a need for the residential cleaning industry,” said Bellinger. “With Premium Service Brands and Maid Right, franchisees can be confident that they have the support and tools needed to take advantage of the evergreen demand and focus on providing the greatest cleaning service possible.”

Now, with 23 units open nationwide and 28 in the development pipeline, Maid Right is looking for qualified franchise partners to continue expansion in available territories throughout the country. 

The investment for a Maid Right franchise is $99,375 to $141,500, which includes the initial franchise fee of $60,000. For more information, visit: