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Top Franchise Brokers: Charlie Bever, CFE, The Entrepreneur Authority

Bever brings an extensive background in franchising and multi-unit retail management to help match businesses and business owners.

Charlie Bever is the owner of The Career Transition Authority® (CTA), an independent Affiliate with the national franchise brokerage The Entrepreneur Authority (TEA). Prior to founding CTA, Bever was the director of business development for Miracle-Ear, Inc. During his tenure at Miracle-Ear, Inc., he managed franchise sales and significantly grew the brand through franchising.

Now, as a senior franchise consultant, Bever brings more than two decades of franchising experience and uses it to help prospective franchisees find their dream business, while also helping franchisors grow their system with the right partners.

1851: What makes you successful as a franchise broker?

Charlie Bever: The number one thing is my experience. I have over two decades of franchising experience, so I can relate to the candidates I am working with. I know the process, especially when it comes to working with the franchisor. This experience makes it easy to coach franchisee prospects and set expectations. It can be hard work to go through the discovery process, but it can also be quite insightful. It puts candidates at ease knowing I have that experience. I am also a CFE, which is the highest distinction someone can have in the world of franchising. 

1851: What advice do you have for people wanting to become a franchise owner?

Bever: It is important to keep an open mind early on throughout the discovery process. Don’t do all the talking. Try to listen to the franchisor, while also speaking up at times if it will help you do your due diligence. All the good franchisors have a mutual discovery process — it is a two-way street. It is important to really reflect on the opportunity before signing. 

1851: What advice do you have for franchisors wanting your help on awarding more franchisees? 

Bever: Utilize us. There are some franchisors I work with on a regular basis, and we collaborate beautifully together and can play well off of each other's expertise. I take on the role of a coach, which can be very effective for enticing the prospect, but only when we are utilized properly. Oftentimes, the franchisor doesn’t communicate with the broker and the referral doesn’t go anywhere. Make sure you are really utilizing our expertise.

1851: How can franchisors better communicate with you?

Bever: Each time they have a conversation with the candidate, they should call me or shoot me an email to fill me in. It is important that I am kept in the loop when it comes to red flags that have come up, or in regards to any issues that I can help the candidate overcome. That is what I specialize in. 

1851: What does winning look like for you as a broker?

Bever: Winning as a broker isn’t just about putting someone into a franchise — it is about giving someone hope and inspiration. During COVID-19, for example, there were a lot of people displaced and confused about the next chapter of their professional careers. If I can give those people a little bit of hope and inspiration about exploring a franchise and reignite some of the confidence they might have lost along the way, that is winning for me. My goal is to make someone’s day a little more cheerful and hopeful, whether it be a new business owner, a franchisor or anyone else.

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