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Top Vending Machine Franchise Opportunities of 2022

Vending machines offer more than just snacks and drinks. In 2022, you can find nutritious sandwiches and even over-the-counter medicine in vending machines, many of which are franchise brands.

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Updated 2:14PM 03/14/22

In the past, vending machines were a go-to when you needed a snack at work or while stopping at a rest area on a road trip. Today, vending machines offer so much more than just snacks and soft drinks.

From coffee and bags of ice to over-the-counter medicine, here are our favorite vending machine franchises for 2022.

Xpresso Delight

  • Startup costs: $84,500 to $107,000
  • Units: 200

Xpresso Delight offers an automated coffee solution serving high-quality drinks. Franchisees benefit from in-depth operations and marketing training, a simple supply chain, close vendor relationships, a centralized billing system and a supportive marketing system. Users of Xpresso Delight enjoy a proprietary premium blend of coffee, which aims to disrupt the coffee industry with its coffee-as-a-service business model.

Healthy YOU Vending

  • Startup costs: $50,000 to $225,000
  • Units: 1,800+

Healthy YOU is one of the first franchise vending companies offering a healthy vending concept. Franchisees receive comprehensive training, lifetime coaching and an online support center. The simple business model makes it easy to manage and the brand will help owners find the best locations for their vending units. 


  • Startup costs: $195,700 to $216,800
  • Units: 47

Pharmabox is an automated retail system for over-the-counter and personal care pharmaceutical products. It offers franchisees a complete and practical training program to help them feel confident about their knowledge, skills and experience in such a niche sector. Customers can find allergy and cold medicine, stomach and digestive medicine, personal health items, pediatric medicine, vitamins, hair care and even sunscreen in these automated pharmacies. 


  • Startup costs: $50,000 to $250,000
  • Units: 710

Naturals2Go offers automated retail with no-fee services and support. The training program offers a comprehensive overview of running a business including how to expand. Hands-on training and lifetime coaching are also offered to franchisees. 


  • Startup costs: $111,550 to $242,845
  • Units: 2,500

Ice House America is the developer of the water and ice vending brand IceBorn. IceBorn produces filtered water on demand and is fully automated, minimizing overhead costs, as there is no need for managers or employees. IceBorn offers quality, convenience and value to customers and franchisees alike.