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What Franchises Does Drew Brees Own?

The former quarterback has a portfolio that includes wellness concepts, restaurants and more.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 3:15PM 01/31/23

After playing in the NFL for 20 seasons, former quarterback Drew Brees is growing his business portfolio. However, this interest was sparked prior to his retirement. Brees is a long-time multi-unit owner with Dunkin’Jimmy John’s and Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux.

According to FranchiseWire, Brees has also invested in Stretch Zone and Everbowl, two concepts that align with his experience in the fitness and wellness space.

After graduating from college with a degree in industrial management, Brees went to the NFL. However, like many retired athletes, Brees has taken the franchise investment route to continue to grow his $160 million net worth post-NFL retirement.

These are the brands Brees has gotten involved with.


Everbowl is a fast-casual superfood concept that allows guests to build their own bowl with nourishing ingredients like acai, matcha, chia and more. In 2021, the concept announced that Brees was joining the team as an investor, franchisee and brand ambassador. 

“I understand that what we put into our bodies directly impacts what we get out of them in terms of performance, resiliency and quality of life,” Brees said in a statement. “The all-natural ingredients Everbowl uses led me to learn more about the company and its mission.”

The concept’s founder, Jeff Fenster, added that Brees “lives [its] core values daily” through his active lifestyle and continued efforts toward personal growth.

In May of 2022, it was reported that Brees’ investment would rise to a total of 85 Everbowl locations across multiple states, with united added in Tennessee and Virginia to expand his original 60-unit deal.

Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux

Walk-On’s is a 63-unit sports restaurant with a Louisiana theme. When Brees first arrived in New Orleans, he visited Walk-On’s — a memorable experience.

“He often reflects on his first visit saying that he instantly knew if he were to ever open a restaurant, it would be just like Walk-On’s,” the concept’s site says. “Becoming an owner in 2015 was an exciting moment for Drew and one that he looks at as joining another winning team.”

Now, Brees is a co-owner and partner with the brand.

Stretch Zone

Stretch Zone is a unique concept, offering a studio stretching experience enhanced by a proprietary strapping system. Customers are able to take advantage of the system and a qualified practitioner in a way that allows them to position, stabilize and isolate muscles for optimal results.

Brees opened a Stretch Zone in New Orleans in August of 2021, saying, “I know the impact and benefits stretching has on my athletic potential and quality of life, and it is time for everyone to try out this patented system that supports overall health and wellness.”

Jimmy John’s

Brees’ involvement with Jimmy John’s, the sandwich concept, may have had the most unique beginning of all. Brees has told journalists that he loved the No. 9 Italian Night Club, estimating that he ordered it at least three times a week while in college.

When he moved to Louisiana, he quickly realized that he was interested in bringing the restaurant to New Orleans. He then reached out to Carl Buergler, Jimmy John’s director of operations and a former backup quarterback Brees knew from his time at Purdue.

Now, Brees owns nine units and continues to work to keep his restaurants in the top 5% of the system.


America runs on Dunkin’, and Brees might, too. In 2017, he signed an agreement to bring up to 69 Dunkin’ units to Louisiana, starting in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

"Drew has proven his commitment to New Orleans — both on and off the field — and we couldn’t ask for a better partner to help expand Dunkin' Donuts' presence in Louisiana," Vik Patel, the CEO at Bourbon Street Donuts, LLC, said in a statement.

Brees worked with Patel, a Dunkin’ franchisee with a decade of experience at the time, to launch this venture.