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Why the Amazing Lash Studio Brand Is the Eyelash Extension Franchise to Beat

Thanks to industry-leading best practices and an elevated customer experience, Amazing Lash Studio® stands out in both the franchising industry and eyelash extension segment as a strong business opportunity with continued growth potential.

In order for franchise brands to survive and thrive in competitive and sometimes saturated landscapes, franchisors need to make sure they differentiate themselves within their segments.

If any franchise brand understands this, it’s Amazing Lash Studio. The eyelash extension services brand was founded in 2010 with the idea of being the go-to place for guests who want to enhance their eyes in a natural-looking way. The Amazing Lash Studio brand succeeded in this mission and has developed into a robust franchise opportunity that helps position owners for success in their markets, making it the segment’s business ownership opportunity to beat.

Largest player in the lash industry with room to grow

Since its founding, the Amazing Lash Studio brand has expanded its footprint to more than 240 studios across 23 states, with more on the way, making it the largest brand in its segment by more than 100 units. That being said, the eyelash extension industry is growing and hasn’t hit the level of saturation seen in segments offering tanning and waxing services. Eyelash extension services offered through the Amazing Lash Studio Membership Program can be a relatively inexpensive beauty treatment allowing guests to incorporate eyelash extensions as an essential part of their individual beauty routines.

Prospective franchisees who join the Amazing Lash Studio system today can be well-positioned to thrive as this ever-growing demand for eyelash extension services continues. The Amazing Lash Studio brand still has major markets available for franchising and welcomes conversations with both first-time business owners and experienced franchisees who want to diversify their portfolios and be industry leaders in their markets.

Backing and support of parent company WellBiz Brands Inc.

The Amazing Lash Studio brand is further boosted by WellBiz Brands Inc., which acquired the eyelash extension franchise in 2018. Thanks to WellBiz Brands Inc., which also oversees the Fitness Together® and Elements Massage® health and wellness concepts, Amazing Lash Studio franchisees receive industry-leading support in different aspects of the businesses.

For one, WellBiz Brands Inc. is a trailblazer in the realm of providing resources to support franchisees in their stylist recruiting, training and retention efforts. Franchisees are equipped with culture surveys, recruitment campaigns. marketing pamphlets and more to help them make sure they employ the best stylists in the country. Additionally, since esthetic and cosmetology students often receive very little training in eyelash extension processes, the Amazing Lash Studio brand provides  stylists with plenty of opportunities for ongoing training.

Then there’s the leadership team.

“The WellBiz Brand’s support team brings decades of franchise industry experience to the table, and this experience is leveraged across all three of our brands,” WellBiz Brands Chief Development Officer, Matt Stanton, said. “Thanks to this wealth of experience, Amazing Lash Studio franchisees are well-positioned to really own their markets and be the go-to place for guests to get their eyelashes done.”

A membership model plus additional revenue streams

When it comes to generating revenue, Amazing Lash Studio franchisees have several avenues. For one, Amazing Lash Studio locations operate on a membership model, which helps differentiate the brand from some of its mom-and-pop counterparts and provides franchisees with recurring revenue. After their initial service, customers can revisit their local Amazing Lash Studio location every two weeks for eyelash extension refills. The brand’s studios also accept individual appointments and walk-ins. Additionally, the brand sells proprietary retail products aimed at eyelash extension care and continues to innovate new products and services.

“Last year we rolled out six different types of lash curls, five new adhesives, lash lift and, with the upcoming rollout of eyebrow waxing and tinting services, we will add eyelash tinting,” CEO of Amazing Lash Franchise, LLC, Heather Elrod said. “Guests want to have their brows done while they are in the studio, and it’s also the No. 1 service stylists want to do after eyelash extensions.”

An elevated consumer experience that builds a loyal customer base

In an age when consumers are increasingly realizing the value of self-care, the Amazing Lash Studio brand stands out as a brand designed to provide a luxury experience for guests. Whereas competitors tend to present eyelash extensions as more of a nail salon-type of experience, where everyone is out in the open, Amazing Lash Studio guests can comfortably enjoy their services in private rooms. Guests are even given a sanitized pillow and blanket to use during their appointments, which increase the appeal of the service and the relaxing atmosphere of the studios. This enhanced guest experience has led to a fiercely loyal customer base that can help boost the bottom line for each location.

There are many reasons to get into the eyelash extension segment, and the Amazing Lash Studio brand stands out as the industry leader thanks to an enhanced consumer experience and strong institutional support that keeps franchisee success top-of-mind.

The investment range for an Amazing Lash Studio® franchise is $239,210 to $508,510. To learn more about franchising with Amazing Lash Franchise, LLC, visit

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