Wireless Zone Continues to Set Itself Apart in the Industry as a Community Partner
Wireless Zone Continues to Set Itself Apart in the Industry as a Community Partner

Nation’s largest wireless retail franchisor finds success with locally owned, community-centric offering.

In today’s world of wireless devices, with a continuously growing amount of options to choose from, the customer is not always prepared to make the right decision without the help of an expert. With smart phones becoming the norm, the amount of cell phone retailers is a number that continues to hike. But, one retailer has an offering that the others do not – community.

Wireless Zone, the nation’s largest Verizon Wireless retail franchise, continues to stand out in the segment with each of the brand’s nearly 400 locations being locally owned and operated.

Similar to customers opting to go to a butcher for high quality meat or a veteran golfer for tips on a swing, Wireless Zone is able to provide seasoned expertise in the cell phone sector backed by years of experience, an offer unparalleled to that provided by a big box stores and other retailers. More than that, each owner is provided a tried and tested business model to follow, allowing them more time to focus on customer service and community engagement.

“Wireless Zone continues to stand out in the segment because we are offering something that is not the norm in the industry,” said Keith Dziki, director of development for Wireless Zone. “By offering an elevated level of customer service provided by someone that is rooted to the neighborhood, our customers feel comfortable asking questions about the complex devices that they might not elsewhere.”

With a well-versed corporate team that provides a proven model focused on local partnership, each Wireless Zone franchisee is equipped with the tools needed to make sure their location is completely engrained in the community.

Increasing the level of community partnership, Wireless Zone also sets a standard of giving back to the communities where they have a presence. Through programs like Wireless Zone Foundation for Giving, School Rocks Backpack Giveaway and Toys for Tots, each owner is able to leave their mark locally as more than just a small business owner.

“Since 2003, our franchisees have committed to giving back to the community through various programs and we are thrilled by the excitement and involvement that we have seen from so many of our owners,” said Dave Staszewski, executive vice president of Wireless Zone. “Having an impact in each community as more than just a local business owner is something that will always be the core of Wireless Zone.”

With a strong business model in place, Wireless Zone is positioned for continued success within each community, finding new both customers and community-partners, while maintaining strong relationships with existing and repeat consumers.