Wireless Zone’s Key to Success: Multi-Unit Development
Wireless Zone’s Key to Success: Multi-Unit Development

How this 30-year-old brand has sparked new growth by finding successful multi-unit operators

When comparing franchise opportunities, many entrepreneurs look for scalable and established concepts with brand leaders they can trust. But in a saturated segment like the wireless industry, identifying the best possible partner can be challenging.

For more than three decades, Wireless Zone® has been a leader in the space and continues to develop at a rapid pace. Within the first two quarters of 2018 alone, the brand has opened more than 15 new locations and has converted an additional 25 existing cellphone distributorships to Wireless Zone retailers. According to the executive director of development for Wireless Zone, Keith Dziki, much of this new growth can be attributed to existing operators.

“Multi-unit growth is very important to the way Wireless Zone expands today,” he said. “The wireless industry has become very competitive across the carriers and having multi-unit owners opening additional locations allows for a quicker ramp up as they are able to repeat the successes they achieved in their other stores.”

As a way to drive this momentum, Dziki has used his role to not only increase brand awareness to new investors but to position existing franchisees for future growth opportunities.

“My team and I work daily with existing franchise owners, our operations team, and with Verizon to identify gaps in trade distribution and position our existing owners to increase their location footprint,” Dziki said.

This backing from a larger organization like Verizon has also proven to be a valuable asset in an evolving industry, giving Wireless Zone and its franchisees access to resources they might not have had otherwise.

“With the ever-changing scope of the wireless industry, our carrier partner Verizon sees great value in multi-unit franchise owners as they are capable of reproducing their success across multiple locations,” according to Dziki. “That success, coupled with the reduced franchise fees and royalty reduction incentive programs that Wireless Zone offers to multi-unit owners positions our franchise owners for cost savings and success.”

Currently, Wireless Zone has 96 franchise operators that own approximately 390 locations, meaning 89 percent of all Wireless Zone locations are owned/operated by multi-unit operators.

“Wireless Zone has been around for 30 years and our system has grown to become the largest, wireless retail franchise in the country. Our exclusive relationship with Verizon gives us the ability to co-brand with the largest, most recognized wireless carrier in the United States.”

Looking ahead at the remainder of the year, Wireless Zone aims to continue pushing multi-unit development in key markets across Texas and Louisiana, expanding the brand’s presence while also opening a door for new growth in the future.

For more information on franchise opportunities with Wireless Zone, visit https://wirelesszonefranchise.com/.