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360º Painting Parent Company Premium Service Brands Aggressively Acquires Home Service Franchise Brands; Creating Multi-Brand Growth Opportunities for Franchisees

Following three acquisitions in four months — including two in just two weeks — Premium Service Brands is aiming to further expand its portfolio as an exciting upstart in the home-services segment, giving 360º Painting franchisees the chance to dominate their market with vertical growth.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 12:12PM 02/17/22

360° Painting, the residential and commercial painting franchise under multi-brand franchisor Premium Service Brands, is set up for steady growth looking to 2022. In addition to seeing a 63% increase in YOY sales and 23 franchise units sold in 2021, 360º Painting franchisees are now better positioned than ever to succeed, following an aggressive acquisition strategy from Premium Service Brands.

How Premium Service Brands is Making Waves in the Franchising Industry

Premium Service Brands is continuing to grow its portfolio of successful home service brands as it solidifies itself as an exciting opportunity in the home services segment. In 2021, the company saw its strongest year yet for acquisitions, which included the acquisitions of 67-unit tile and grout cleaning franchise The Grout Medic and 36-unit handyman franchise House Doctors in just one week, as well as junk removal franchise Rubbish Works in late 2020. Now, Premium Service Brands is expanding its efforts to acquire more franchise brands positioned to benefit from their unique operational model proven to rapidly and exponentially accelerate franchisee growth.

“The investments we’ve made in technology, training, operations and marketing have accelerated our overall growth faster than we anticipated, and that’s especially true for our newly acquired brands,” said CEO Paul Flick. “That industry-leading growth rate gives us a competitive advantage, so we’re dramatically increasing our efforts to find additional near-term acquisition targets.”

Premium Service Brands has completed four acquisitions in less than 24 months, increasing its portfolio of home-service franchise brands to nine. 

How 360º Painting Franchisees Will Benefit From Premium Service Brands’ Growing Portfolio

As Premium Service Brands acquire more and more brands, 360º Painting franchisees have even more opportunities to grow vertically in their market with multiple home service concepts. This multi-brand investment strategy gives franchisees the opportunity to leverage their existing relationships to generate more business. 

Premium Service Brands’ Home.One Program, for example, offers prospective and existing franchisees an incentive to acquire multiple Premium Service Brands concepts and dominate their local market through multi-brand ownership. The initiative also includes a cross-promotional lead portal that allows franchise owners to build and leverage relationships within a single market and ensure that customers' ongoing home-services needs are always met.

And those needs have never been stronger. According to a report completed by Home Advisor, home services represent a $506 billion market in the United States. 

Marvin Taylor, a newly signed 360º Painting franchisee in Plano, Texas, says he is excited to bring the much-needed service to the booming housing market of his community. And when it comes to long-term plans, Taylor says he is eager to expand.

“While we are focused on learning the business right now, the idea moving forward is definitely to scale the business,” said Taylor. “That could mean an additional 360º Painting or another Premium Service Brands concept. They have nine different branches, so it gives us the exciting opportunity to grow both vertically or horizontally.”

Why Premium Service Brands is Predicting a Bright Future Ahead for 360º Painting

Now, looking ahead to 2022, Premium Service Brands’ president of franchise development Allison Zorich says the 360º Painting brand has no plans of slowing down. “We hope to add another 24 franchise units next year, as well as hire new experts on our franchise development team to support that growth,” she said.

Additionally, Flick says some of the primary focuses for the company will be continuing to develop the Home.One initiative and encouraging more acquisitions. 

“The more we can satisfy the end user and provide existing franchise partners with more leads and revenue, the better we will perform overall,” Flick said. “At the end of the day, we want to become the one-stop-shop for the needs of homeowners all over the country. Instead of calling nine different companies to get nine projects done, they just have to call Premium Service Brands. Now, as we expand our portfolio and our systems, we are getting closer to achieving that mission, and it is a very exciting time for the company.”

The startup costs for a 360° Painting franchise range from $103,850 to $147,500. The franchise fee is $65,000. To learn more about franchising with 360° Painting, visit