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Christmas Decor Sees Another Year of Groundbreaking Growth, With 14 New Units and More Than 50,000 Jobs Created

Even before December, the nation's largest holiday decorating franchise celebrated doubling its growth over last year's record-breaking year and is prepared to “deck the halls” of more houses than ever.

By Helen Harris1851 Franchise Staff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 02/24/22

Christmas Decor, the leading holiday decorating brand for 25 years with more than 300 locations, has already hit record-breaking growth — and December is still to come. Christmas planning is serious business for this franchise, with the “season” now starting in September, explaining why it has signed 14 new units this year and is projecting to complete more than 50,000 jobs nationwide this season. 

Brandon Stephens, president of Christmas Decor, explained how the brand has supported its franchise locations to provide the best service — and decorations — possible. 

"We've been helping our franchisees secure the right products far in advance so that they can decorate as many homes, businesses and towns in their territories as possible,”  said Stephens. “That's the beauty of being a franchise system; we are a family of connections that keeps our franchisees growing their businesses with our vendor connections and support."

In the 18 years he's been at Christmas Decor, Stephens said he’s never seen the kind of phenomenal growth the company experienced in 2020, which has now already been topped in 2021.

The national franchise system is stocked and ready to decorate as many houses and yards as possible, having ordered its decorations far in advance of the holiday rush. Stephens stated that the franchise is already planning for next year to get a jumpstart and provide customers with the best inventory. This tactic has doubled where the brand was last year (the biggest year ever by 20%). The goal of meeting 20% growth again has already been met, as the franchise is now moving into the heart of the holiday season. 

Last year brought both new homeowners and new commercial customers to the franchise — both parties looking for some cheer at the end of a bleak year. The trend is the same this year, as people still want that happy, vibrant holiday season, and Stephens emphasized that early interest has been strong. 

For landscapers and other outdoor business owners, Christmas Decor provides an opportunity to offset fixed overhead costs, generate new income streams and maintain key employees year-round. With a customer retention rate of 80%, Christmas Decor also brings its franchisees affluent repeat business from homeowners and commercial contacts who value the brand’s renowned white-glove service and customized designs.

"Last year, we were blown away by the amount of business we had, and it came early. It’s unreal that we have already eclipsed last year's sales and it isn't even December. Our franchise offering is a great opportunity for people in the service industries who have a slower fall,” Stephens said. “Many of our franchisees have landscaping and pest control businesses, and by owning a Christmas Decor, they're able to keep their staff employed while taking advantage of an extremely lucrative franchise."

About Christmas Decor

Founded in 1986 by Blake Smith, Christmas Decor has become the leading holiday decorating brand in the U.S. and Canada. Originally created as an off-season supplement to the landscaping business, the Texas-based franchise now brings holiday cheer to over 300 communities across North America, ultimately creating jobs for 3,000-plus seasonal workers that might otherwise be unemployed. Backed by a strong business model and double-digit revenue increase year-over-year for the last 11 years, Christmas Decor is looking to grow in markets across the U.S. and Canada. For more information on Christmas Decor, please visit

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