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Franchise Influencers: Omar Al-Massalkhi and Mohammad Farraj, Co-Owners, Talkin' Tacos

As part of our annual Influencer Issue, 1851 Franchise has enlisted the help of the franchise community to compile a list of the top people making moves in the franchise industry.

By Savannah BilboStaff Writer
Updated 2:14PM 03/30/23

Omar Al-Massalkhi and Mohammad Farraj


Talkin’ Tacos was founded in June of 2020 as a food truck, specializing in Mexican food in the city of Miami Florida. Two childhood best friends heard about a special cuisine creating shockwaves in California, Texas and New Mexico. It was all about the birria taco. Dumbfounded by how such an amazing food item was non-existent in south Florida, and quite frankly on the east coast, they knew something needed to be done. Birria taco is a specialty taco originating from Jalisco Mexico that has been a staple to Mexican culture for thousands of years, and soon to be one for all Americans.

Moe and Omar set out to break ground with the first birria taco establishment in South Florida and opened up shop in September 2020 with a food truck. Shortly thereafter, the craze began, and lines were stretched around blocks and streets. It was clear they had something special and one location would not cut it. In the span of six short months, the first brick and mortar location broke ground in Miramar Florida. However, many loyal fans and avid customers begged for a physical location in Miami. Shortly thereafter, the second location followed suit in December of 2021 in Brickell Miami.

About Talkin' Tacos: Talkin' Tacos™ started as a food truck in the Miami community, aiming to provide the best Mexican food in South Florida. But as they grew a larger following, the lines around their food truck became too hard to keep up with. They knew that they needed to expand into a restaurant space to be able to serve awesome customers more of these famous tacos and Mexican food every day.

Total Locations: 3

Investment Range: $252,947

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