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How the Togo’s 3.0. Remodel Continues to Appeal to Customers and Franchisees One Year Later

A year into the Togo’s 3.0. initiative, the West Coast sandwich franchise continues to evolve while staying true to its premium offerings and providing a great environment for workers and guests alike.

In March 2019, Togo's store of the future — named Togo’s 3.0 — was launched with the completion of both physical and operational renovations at its Emeryville, Fremont and San Jose, California stores. The popular West Coast sandwich innovator completely remodeled one corporate and two franchise-owned locations to dramatically improve the overall guest experience with faster speed of service and a more contemporary dining environment.

Over the past year, Togo’s has continued to bring the 3.0 remodel to restaurants across the country. According to Farid Biglari, Togo's vice president of operations, there are now over 20 locations that feature Togo’s 3.0 remodel. 

“With Togo’s 3.0, sales have been up double digits week to week, and have reduced cost of goods roughly 2%, and labor 1%  as well, '' said Biglari. “The remodel looks great, simplifies operations for our people, offers a better customer experience, and increases sales for franchisees.”

Togo’s 3.0 incorporates several exciting components including: redesigned restaurants and a refreshed color palette marked by bright white interiors with blue and bright orange accents; self ordering kiosks and a Speed Line kitchen system that streamlines sandwich preparation courtesy of an assembly line-style approach.

While Togo’s 3.0 has been a success so far, the legacy sandwich shop isn’t resting on its laurels. “Every time we implement a Togo’s 3.0 remodel, we are thinking about what we can do better next time,” said Biglari. “If a brand doesn’t evolve, it will fall behind. Over the past year, we have continued to innovate on the model, tweaking the operations and design to make it better for our people and guests.” 

According to Letha Tran, a multi-unit franchisee with Togo’s, the redesign has been a huge hit with new and existing guests as well as employees. “I really love the new 3.0 branding initiative,” said Tran. “The new modern and clean look has earned us some very positive feedback from customers, and my employees love the environment they work in. This new model is also keeping us competitive and relevant, especially with the new ordering kiosks.”

Of course, one year ago, Togo’s could never have predicted where the world would be today, but the remodel has certainly proven to be well-positioned for a post-COVID world. “One of the biggest factors we focused on over the past year was the prioritization of technology, third-party delivery partnerships and streamlined off-premise services for employees and customers,” said Biglari. “We’ve been even more focused on that lately, especially amid COVID-19. The restaurant industry has certainly shifted — off-premise is more important than ever and Togo’s 3.0 is ready to meet that consumer need.” 

In addition to off-premise services, the brand has made a plan with most of the franchisees in regards to what Togo’s restaurants will look like when dining rooms reopen, including social distancing protocols, floor markers, safety measures, updated layouts and more. The brand has also provided shields, masks, gloves and other PPE to each restaurant. Togo’s franchisees are updated on CDC guidelines in each area of the country and employees receive a wellness check before each shift.

Even in this COVID-19 climate, Togo’s hasn’t stopped moving forward with planned remodels. This year, the brand plans to remodel two to three more restaurants, specifically in Northern California.

“Over the past year, Togo’s 3.0 has truly been a win-win situation for us, the customer and the franchisees,” said Biglari. “We’ve analyzed everything from product efficiency to vendor partnerships to layout design, and we feel great about where Togo’s is today. As COVID-19 shows, the industry is constantly changing, and the whole 3.0 process is about adapting to make Togo’s more cost-effective for franchisees and provide a greater experience for the guests.”

The current initial investment for Togo’s franchise ranges from $268,000 to $501,500, which includes a $15,000 to $30,000 franchise fee. For more information, visit