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How This Emerging Junk Removal Franchise Helps Aspiring Entrepreneurs Escape the 9-to-5 Life

With flexible lifestyle benefits and low-start up costs, Junk Junk Baby! is emerging as a leading franchise in the booming junk hauling industry.

When Eric Myers began hauling junk for friends 12 years ago, his primary goal was simply to escape from the stressful grind of corporate America by starting something on his own. But after Myers’ company carved out a lucrative niche in the junk-hauling segment by providing care-oriented service for people going through difficult transitions, he realized there was an opportunity to turn his local business into something much bigger. With this in mind, Myers launched the Junk Junk Baby! franchise opportunity last year to help other entrepreneurs follow in his footsteps. 

“My story will be familiar to anyone who has ever gotten burnt out in the corporate world,” Myers said. “I think that’s a big part of why we are seeing so much interest from prospective franchisees in just our first year of franchising.”

Before Junk Junk Baby!, Myers spent 15 years in various sales positions, starting in relentless telecom sales in which he made 150 cold calls a day and eventually winding up in insurance sales. When his first child was born in 2010, Myers decided it was time to take back control of his own destiny and find something he could truly be passionate about. 

“It was a little scary, but I knew there was no perfect time to take a chance, so I decided to pull the trigger,” he said. “My wife and I had three months of living expenses saved up, and I decided I would use that cushion to make something happen — to hustle.”

With an in-depth understanding of the importance of customer loyalty from his sales days, Myers kicked off his junk hauling endeavor by offering free moving and hauling services for his friends and neighbors. The strategy proved to be a success as more and more of those favors turned into paying jobs, and Myers established a reputation in his community. Myers chose the name Junk Junk Baby! as a way to honor his newborn and spent the next decade growing the business.

“I loved what I was doing. I was free, and more importantly, I was positively impacting people’s lives,” Myers said. “I found early on that people who are moving or need junk removed from their homes are going through a transition, and transitions are, at best, uncomfortable. At worst, they are among the most difficult periods of people’s lives,” he said. “People are often emotional or upset, and it may not seem like a junk-hauling company can help with that, but we really can. We show up ready to mitigate the chaos. You can see the relief on people’s faces when they realize we are handling one of the more chaotic tasks they have on their plates. So we’ve made that part of our model — we focus on care and support. We help people.”

By prioritizing consistent and empathetic communication with customers to help them feel calm, confident and supported during difficult periods, Junk Junk Baby! has won loyal customers in every community it has entered.

In 2021, Myers started franchising the Junk Junk Baby! concept as a way to share that proven model with other qualified and passionate entrepreneurs. The franchise offers a low-cost operational model designed specifically to provide lifestyle flexibility for owners and allow them to scale quickly since junk-hauling is performed on-site with minimal labor, no brick-and-mortar space and substantially lower overhead costs compared to other industries. 

And as the $75 billion waste industry continues to grow, Junk Junk Baby! has become one of the most popular new investments in franchising, appealing to prospective franchise owners from various backgrounds and professional experiences. 

“People are really drawn to our clear purpose and the escape we offer from the corporate world,” Myers said. “You read about the Great Resignation and so many people reevaluating their careers, and I think what we are seeing is a major value shift. The pandemic rocked just about every industry, and it made a lot of people realize that they don’t want to be gears in a machine; they want to feel good about what they are doing, and they want to work for themselves. That’s exactly what our franchise offers.”

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