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Lessons From Franchise Executives: Terri Harof of Workout Anytime

Harof shares valuable insight into how business owners can succeed when franchising their company.

Terri Harof, Workout Anytime’s director of franchise development, joined the fast-growing fitness brand after working in both sports marketing and franchising for many years. Harof knew Workout Anytime founders John Quattrocchi and Steve Strickland for nearly three decades because she had been teaching group fitness since college. So, when the Workout Anytime team came to her a few years ago and asked her to join the brand as the director of franchise development, she jumped at the opportunity.

It turned out to be the perfect career choice for Harof, and looking back, she says her only regret is not getting into the franchising industry sooner. 

“I didn’t know what an incredible industry the franchising world was and didn’t know about all the different segments involved,” said Harof. “It has been such a blessing to help people find their next chapter in life. A lot of times, we have prospects who go from working in one business for many years, to entering a new industry that they are much more passionate about. It is a joy to help them pursue their dreams and passion, and I’ve loved every bit of it.”

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