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Meet Mold Medics’ New Brand Leader Bryan McMurray

A seasoned franchising professional on both the franchise owner and franchisor side, McMurray’s hands-on experience will help shape the future of the emerging mold remediation franchise.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 12/08/23

Mold Medics, the innovative mold treatment and home allergen specialist franchise under the Threshold Brands umbrella, is thrilled to announce Bryan McMurray as its new Brand Leader. McMurray, a seasoned franchise expert with a history of driving growth and supporting emerging brands, brings his unique insights and experience to Mold Medics, a brand recognized for its pandemic-resistant business model and growing demand in the home services market.

A Franchise Professional at the Helm

McMurray's journey in franchising began in 2007, where he carved out a niche in helping grow young and emerging brands, building operations playbooks, designing field support and more. He worked with several Massage Envy franchise owners, for example, before progressing to the franchisor side as a business coach in the health and beauty space. His move to Mold Medics comes after a successful tenure as the operations manager for Men In Kilts under Threshold Brands.

“I was interested in making a move to challenge myself more and grow within the franchise sector,” said McMurray. “I had a chat with the Threshold Brands CEO and he recommended I take over Mold Medics. I thought it sounded like an amazing opportunity.”

One of McMurray's standout traits is his ability to forge strong relationships with franchise owners, providing them with the support and coaching necessary for success. 

“Building relationships with franchise owners and coaching them to be successful is something that I’ve found I am good at, and supporting them is my number one priority,” McMurray said. His well-rounded experience on both sides of the franchising equation uniquely positions him to lead Mold Medics' expansion.

“My role as Brand Leader is to guide my team on developing the Mold Medics concept,” said  McMurray. “We are going to focus on selling new franchise owners, while also further supporting existing franchise owners.”

How the Mold Medics Franchise Stands Out 

Mold Medics presents a robust opportunity for entrepreneurs, characterized by a low-overhead initial investmentwork-life balance and year-round business potential. The brand’s commitment to training, ongoing support and a focus on operational simplicity further enhances the attractiveness of this franchise opportunity.

As an expert in all things franchising, McMurray says he recognized Mold Medics' distinct market position as a key differentiator right away. 

“Mold remediation isn’t something customers can cut out of their budget — it’s needed and can impact their health,” he said. “That was exciting to me, especially as we stepped out of COVID and looked for recession-proof businesses. Technology is never going to replace somebody coming out to remove mold from drywall or remove mold in the cabinets.”

This critical service, coupled with a focus on residential clients and a personal touch, sets Mold Medics apart in a competitive industry.

“We are helping real, everyday people take care of problem that they don’t know how to nor want to take care of themselves — it is a big relief for them,” said McMurray. “As opposed to working on big commercial projects like everyone else, we get to work directly with the residential customer at Mold Medics. That is a big advantage. We are fulfilling a place in that market that no one else does.”

For prospective franchise owners, McMurray sees Mold Medics as an opportune entry into the home service arena. “This is the right time to get into this brand — we are young, and we are growing,” he said. “Especially for those early adopters, you get to help us shape what this brand will look like in the future. Your input will be heard.”

A Forward-Looking Strategy

As Mold Medics gears up for expansion, McMurray's vision includes the sale of 10 to 15 franchises in the next year, with a goal of adding three by the end of this year. His approach is firmly rooted in scalability and support, focusing on a strategic plan to build upon the existing foundation to better onboard and scale franchise owners successfully.

“I really started at the bottom of the franchising ladder,” said McMurray. “I’ve learned all aspects of franchising, from an employee working at the front desk to now being a brand leader. There is a lot of excitement around this brand — we are going to dominate the market and we are looking for some great franchise owners to help us do that.” 

With McMurray at the helm, Mold Medics is poised for significant growth. His expertise and leadership are expected to usher in a new era for the brand, marked by enhanced franchise owner support, strategic expansion and a reinforced presence in the home services industry.

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