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Why Now is the Best Time to Franchise With Renovation Sells

As Baby Boomer home sellers look for cost-effective updates to make their listings appeal to the needs of incoming Millennial homebuyers, Renovation Sells offers franchisees the chance to become early adopters of an emerging brand primed for growth in a niche market.

Renovation Sells was born from a need in the real estate industry for a service business focused on presale renovations. Now, in a market that’s seeing bidding wars fade and an increase in inventory, the need for presale updates is stronger than ever. As a result, Renovation Sells’ innovative business model is increasingly catching the eye of savvy entrepreneurs, and the brand is quickly selling out in territories across the country. 

Here are four reasons why now is the time to invest in Renovation Sells.

Emerging Brand with Chance to Be an Early Adopter

Founded in 2017, Renovation Sells focuses exclusively on presale renovations, delivering high-impact cosmetic improvements that result in quicker and higher-priced home sales. By partnering with home sellers and real estate agents, Renovation Sells has seen explosive growth and has identified the gap in the marketplace of outdated homes not matching millennial buyers' preferences. It crafted a solution that translates in all markets. 

In 2021, Renovation Sells began franchising and is now seeking qualified franchise owners to bring this much-needed service to markets throughout the country. 

“Incoming franchisees are excited to see our forward-thinking approach to the real estate industry,” said Renovations Sells CEO Michael Valente. “In today’s red-hot market, move-in ready homes are selling for more than ever. The real estate world has changed, and as buyers increasingly make decisions based on online listings and beautiful photos, real estate agents and sellers are looking for partners like Renovation Sells to stand out. By franchising with Renovation Sells, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to dominate their local market and become an early adopter of a game-changing brand in the real estate industry.”

Not the Latest Trend, the Resilience of the Housing Market

In 2020, the pandemic created historically low mortgage rates and the ability to work from home, at the same time that the real estate industry saw millennial homebuyers flooding the market. Even before the pandemic, millennials — America’s largest generation — were starting to reach home buying age. By 2021, those factors resulted in the highest home sales since 2006. 

Now, although home sales have slowed down a bit, real estate markets all over the country are still red hot. And now that demand is decreasing and inventory is rising, sellers can benefit more than ever by investing in presale renovations that make their listing stand out from the crowd.

“You need to have images online that are going to attract buyers,” Valente explained. “Without doing presale renovations, sellers are doing themselves a disservice and leaving money on the table.”

Territory Availability Decreasing in Major Markets

Renovation Sells inked its first agreement in September 2021, and in the 10 months that followed, the brand finished Q2 of 2022 with 21 owners in 12 states

“We spent 2020 getting the franchise model ready, and then 2021 focused on selling our first units,” said Valente. “2022 is all about marketing and ensuring our owners have the support they need to thrive in their local markets. It has been so exciting to see our franchisees secure large jobs that are beautiful and are selling quickly. The response from Realtors and homeowners from across the country reassures us that this business model works in every market.”

Now, Valente says Renovation Sells hopes to be in 35 or more markets by the end of 2022, and if the speed at which the brand has signed franchisees over the past year is any indication, prospective franchisees would be wise to sign on now before territories run out in their local area.

Niche Industry 

Over the past few years, Renovation Sells has carved out a lucrative niche for itself by not only focusing on presale renovations but also by working directly with real estate agents. This unique service has allowed Renovation Sells to establish itself as a valuable and rare resource for agents, allowing franchisees to dominate a niche market that is not yet saturated with competitors. 

“Consumers hire real estate professionals based on who they know and who can get them through the entire process,” said Valente. “This includes staging vendors and presale renovation advice, and our business helps agents look like an even better resource, adding another service that they’re able to offer home sellers.” 

Overall, Renovation Sells offers franchisees a prime opportunity to get into the booming presale renovation market before it is too late, with the backing and support of a proven business model and expert team.

“Presale renovations are here to stay,” said Valente. “We’re at the forefront of where staging was a decade ago, and as it becomes the norm, we want to help sellers maximize their home’s value without significant investment.”

Investments for franchise opportunities in the home renovation space can soar well over $200,000. The initial investment to franchise with Renovation Sells ranges from $78,208 to $101,142, including a $50,000 franchise fee making it much lower than most competitors. For more information, please visit



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