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5 Reasons to Buy a Robeks Franchise in 2022

The popular smoothie and healthy eats franchise is emerging as a favorite among entrepreneurs due to its innovative technology, in-demand consumer offering and growth plan for continued territory expansion in prime markets.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
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Robeks has been serving a world-class, healthy smoothie and juice selection since 1996 when it was first established in Southern California. Twenty-five years and almost 100 franchises later, the smoothie and healthy-eating brand has seen record sales numbers and considerable expansion across the West Coast and into the Midwest as it continues to prove itself as an industry leader with more growth potential than ever.

Here are the top five reasons franchisees continue to join the Robeks franchise system. 

A Proven Brand with 25 Years of Experience

Since day one, Robeks has set out to provide an industry-leading franchise opportunity in the smoothie, juice and bowl industry. Now, after celebrating its 25th anniversary last year, the Robeks brand has never been stronger. “We're in a phenomenal position as a brand,” said Robert Campos, Robeks’ Vice President of Franchise Sales. “The unit-level economics and marketplace are allowing the brand to shine tremendously.”

Throughout the years, Robeks has developed a tried-and-true business model and continued to adapt in order to provide franchisees with the most reliable pathway to growth. By just focusing on offering delicious, great-for-you smoothies, juices, bowls, and toasts, for example, Robeks keeps its retail footprint small and its staffing requirements minimal — and its stores produce little food waste and operate without expensive, dirty equipment like fryers and grills.

“We give franchisees the technology they need to serve customers through simple operations that save on labor,” said Campos. “The business doesn't require a lot of square footage, which also results in cost savings compared to a traditional restaurant. There are so many great benefits to having a brand like ours, including consumer demand, the healthy product, technology to support and fulfill that demand, and an infrastructure that creates ease of use and simplicity to fill that demand. Those are at the core of why 2022 is the right year to invest in Robeks.”

The Booming Health and Wellness Industry

In addition to building out its franchise model, Robeks has spent the last 25 years establishing itself as a leader in raw juices, nutritional enhancements, acai bowls, Greek yogurt, smoothies and many, many more products that are as healthy as they are delicious. Now, with the $44 billion smoothie and juice market more relevant than ever following a renewed focus on health and wellness post-pandemic, Robeks stands out from the crowd with a health-focused, highly portable and easy-to-enjoy product backed by a solid brand name. 

“We are really a great lifestyle brand — we can provide something people can feel good about putting into their body,” said Campos. “Especially with COVID, people are putting that added focus on eating better and making better choices, and Robeks satisfies that need.”

Robeks offers franchisees the chance to cash in on a booming health food market with a well-balanced and innovative menu that has proven recession and pandemic-resistant.

“More than ever, consumers are consistently aware of how important it is to put healthy products in their body,” said Mitch Baker, VP of Marketing. “People want accessibility, they want portability, they want value and they want taste. First and foremost, we are all about taste. Customers know that our products have ingredients that are inherently healthy, and they can be further boosted with any of our nutritional boosters.”

Unparalleled Franchisee Support

With the backing of an experienced brand, Campos says Robeks franchisees can tap into a tremendous amount of stability and support. “From the moment someone becomes a franchisee, our team is there to ensure they plant the seed of their new Robeks location in the most fertile ground possible,” he said. “We don’t just leave it up to you to go out and find a location all on your own. We are proactively seeking out locations, working with a great network of retail property developers and really looking to find the best fit. We process multiple data sets to see what creates a successful store and replicate it across the country.”

But the support doesn’t stop with site selection and construction. Campos says Robeks also provides in-depth operational training over two weeks at a corporate training location. “Franchisees will learn every aspect of the business, managing inventory, scheduling staff, marketing,” he said. “Marketing support begins from the time you sign the agreement all the way until you open up the store. Once you open up the doors, we provide the operational support and data to help you grow the business.” 

A Pandemic-Resistant Business Model

Not only is the demand for healthy food growing following the pandemic, but Robeks’ business model is also uniquely well-positioned to overcome the challenges of the post-pandemic landscape. “When the pandemic first hit, we actually didn't have to pivot much because we were already headed in the right direction,” said Campos. “We just had to accelerate. For example, we had already rolled out mobile ordering on our website and had just launched and expanded with delivery partners and tied it directly into our POS system.” 

The brand is continuing to stay relevant with new technology, including a completely reimagined loyalty app, which allows the Robeks corporate team to listen to, and deliver on, what franchisees and customers are looking for in today’s ever-changing landscape. The app offers a clean interface for customer ordering and the convenience of pickup, curbside or delivery-based service, which is one way Campos says the Robeks brand has increased its sales.

“We already had a great technology plan in place, and we were primed because we were more of a grab-and-go offering anyway,” said Campos. “We weren’t scrambling to put those things into place, and it has worked tremendously well for the brand. We are seeing over 35% of our sales coming through digital means, whether it be through the rewards app, third-party delivery or directly through the website. We make sure to remove as many barriers possible, between our guests and the products they want to order from our franchisees’ locations, which positions franchisees for success in this post-pandemic landscape.”

Strong Momentum and Wide-Open Market Availability 

Robeks is continuing to leverage this modern approach for sustained growth, targeting both multi- and single-unit franchisees in new and existing markets across the country and, after experiencing exponential growth in 2021, the brand is eager to continue this trajectory into 2022 and beyond.

Although the brand is growing rapidly across the country, Campos says the team has identified significant availability in prime markets. “We have wide-open market availability in a lot of places where other brands are sold out,” he said. “There is still ample opportunity for growth.” 

But Campos says the brand isn’t looking to expand just for the sake of expanding. “We are always taking a franchisee-first mentality — we are not just trying to fill seats,” said Campos. “We’ve had the luxury to grow at our own pace, and we want to bring in the right owners who will help us grow our footprint. We want someone who aligns themselves with our brand and what we are doing. If we can find that, everything else will fall into place. Now, after seeing increased sales numbers across the board and considerable expansion last year, the time has never been better to join the Robeks franchise family.”

Robeks' investments range from $286,650 to $395,050 and include all franchise fees. For more information about franchising with Robeks visit:

About Robeks:

Having celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, Robeks is a forerunner in the wholesome juice and healthful smoothie category using fruits and vegetables at the peak of their freshness for a delicious taste and quality nutrients. Also known for its fresh Acai bowls and now adding premium toasts, Robeks continues to innovate with creatively crafted flavor combinations with fresh, high-quality ingredients that make people happy. With more than 100 locations open and in development from coast to coast, Robeks continues its stellar growth with franchise opportunities in select markets. For more information, visit