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Wing Zone is Thriving by Providing Contactless FREE Delivery, Curbside Pickup and 24/7 Franchisee Support

During this unprecedented time, the wing-themed takeout and delivery restaurant is supporting franchisees through a delivery-based business model, innovative services and increased support systems.

Since its founding in 1993, Wing Zone has set itself apart in the fast casual segment by developing a strong consumer value proposition, menu and delivery innovations, digital marketing campaigns and an exceptional franchisee support infrastructure. Now, as the coronavirus continues to affect restaurant businesses all over the world, Wing Zone’s proven business model is providing franchisees with the infrastructure needed not only to survive, but to thrive.

“Businesses are taking two different approaches in response to this unprecedented time,” said CEO and founder Matt Friedman. “Some are slowing down and laying low, while others are deciding to move forward at full force — Wing Zone is an example of the latter.” 

As restaurants are forced to transition from a focus on dine-in to an emphasis on off-premise services, Wing Zone is uniquely well-positioned when it comes to the delivery business model.

We’ve been in business for 25 years and we’ve been delivering food for 25 years”, said Friedman. “Domestically, our model is primarily focused on take out and delivery already, which means our business is actually thriving right now, with revenue up compared to this same time last year. This is remarkable considering March Madness being cancelled, dine-in becoming unavailable and college markets being desolate due to campus closures.”

Wing Zone has always prioritized direct delivery to customers and now the brand is reaching out to local markets to promote not only free delivery, but safe, contactless delivery as well. “The demand for delivery has always been there, but in response to the influx caused by coronavirus, we are rolling out aggressive, digital marketing campaigns, including $1,000 invested in locally driven social media campaigns for each Wing Zone franchise in order to get the message out to communities,” said Friedman. 

During this time, Wing Zone will be offering free delivery and curbside pick-up, as well as a free order of Thigh Wings with every curbside purchase. Wing Zone franchisees don’t have to worry — Thigh wings will be supplied free of charge to restaurant owners throughout the brand’s network to ensure that no revenue is lost due to these offerings. 

“To further support our franchise community, we are sending new promotion banners to put up outside each restaurant, as well as refreshed uniforms and hot bags to show our customers and franchisees that our delivery and pickup service is operating at 100 percent,” said Friedman. “We’ve taken much of our marketing spend for franchise development and redirected it towards supporting established franchisees so they can really connect with their local communities during this time.”

Friedman points to constant communication and support with franchisees as another key component that has allowed Wing Zone to succeed throughout this period. The executive team has hosted three franchise webinars in order to educate owners on updates, best practices and resources that can be used during this time. These systemwide webinars included a member of the CDC walking Wing Zone franchisees through the process of staying safe and sanitary during this time. 

“In addition to helping franchisees, we are proud to be able to create delivery jobs nationwide, which will hopefully help some of the millions of people who may have found themselves unemployed,” said Friedman. “During such a hard time for so many people, we feel it is important to know that there are still positive business stories out there.”

With a simple business model, innovative services and exceptional support infrastructure, Wing Zone is helping franchisees weather the storm and keeping its fanbase of Flavorholics™ satisfied. “In addition to a valuable consumer offering, we want to give franchisees the confidence that we are going to be in a great position not only during this period, but long after,” said Friedman. 

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