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The Top 16 Franchise Development Brands

These franchise development brands offer a range of services to help businesses achieve their growth goals.

Growing a franchise network effectively requires strategic planning, franchisee recruitment and ongoing support. By partnering with a reputable franchise development brand, businesses can benefit from the expertise and resources needed to expand their reach and establish a successful franchise network. Here are 16 franchise development brands offering a range of services to help businesses achieve their sales and growth goals.

1851 Growth Club

1851 Growth Club is Mainland*’s sales/growth consultancy dedicated to franchising “the right way” by providing transparency and customized solutions to the franchising process. The team at Growth Club understands that every business is unique and requires a tailored approach to achieve success in the franchising world. Growth club is a “multi-layered solution for helping franchisees, franchisors and franchise brokers,” providing services ranging from strategic planning and development to franchisee recruitment and ongoing support. 


Barmetrix provides consulting services to businesses in the hospitality industry, specifically targeting bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. Its franchise brand is built around offering expertise and solutions to help these businesses maximize profits, improve efficiency and enhance customer experience. Barmetrix's business model involves thoroughly auditing and analyzing a client's operations, focusing on specific areas like inventory management and loss prevention.

P3 Cost Analysts

P3 Cost Analysts, with franchise offices across the United States, has been aiding companies nationwide in determining the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of their spending on utility, telecom, waste/recycling, merchant processing, uniform/linen, managed print, small parcel shipping and property tax expenses since 1991. The services provided by P3 Cost Analysts are geared towards identifying the overcharges and hidden errors of vendors while exploring more cost-effective billing options.


Raintree, a leading development firm, offers partnership opportunities to emerging franchise brands to propel their national success. With a proven track record, Raintree takes on the complexities of franchise development, providing robust support while allowing brand founders to focus on refining their business model. To date, Raintree has awarded over 2,500 franchises and has guided 12 brands to surpass the significant milestone of 100 units. By leveraging Raintree's expertise, emerging franchise brands can streamline their development processes and accelerate their growth. 

SMB Franchise Advisors*

SMB Franchise Advisors offers best-in-class consulting services for startups, emerging brands and established franchises. Its full-service approach involves exploring the brand's potential, preparing documents and providing continued support throughout the franchise's growth. SMB's team of experienced professionals also provides advice for legacy brands seeking fresh perspectives before investing in new initiatives.

AC Inc

AC Inc provides education and training to help brands optimize the impact of their franchisee support and coaching. The consultancy offers field support assessment, training and education for field coaches, along with an option to implement fractional field coaches to enhance franchisee profitability. The team at AC holds vast franchising experience as franchisors, franchisees and coaches. The company is led by Angela Coté, who helped grow her family's renowned franchise brand, M&M Food Market, to about 500 locations.

Big Sky Franchise Team

The experienced consultants at Big Sky Franchise Team use proven systems to offer franchise consulting, development and marketing solutions to businesses of all growth stages, from emerging brands to established franchisors. 

Cadence Franchising

Cadence Franchising helps franchisors and franchise brokers grow their networks of franchisees by providing technology-driven lead nurturing services designed to boost interest from qualified entrepreneurs and investors. Cadence aims to help franchise sellers maximize their investments in lead generation, increase candidate conversions and expand franchise networks.

CGI Franchise

CGI Franchise has created a proven system for recruitment success called the Recruitment Operating System (ROS). This system helps brands achieve consistency and predictability in their recruitment, attract better candidates, reduce staff turnover, stabilize recruitment budgets, and transform the spirit of their brand.

Franchise Bible Coach

Franchise Bible Coach is a coaching, consulting and development firm dedicated to building and growing successful franchise networks. With years of experience and a passion for franchising, Franchise Bible Coach works with franchisors, franchisees and those seeking to buy and launch franchise businesses. Founder and CEO Rick Grossmann is the author of the best-selling book, "Franchise Bible." Franchise Bible Coach offers assessments in each of its service lines to help potential clients make informed decisions. 

Franchise Business Review

Franchise Business Review (FBR) is an independent market research firm focused on measuring franchisee satisfaction and employee engagement. FBR has worked with over 1,200 companies to help grow their brands by providing them with business intelligence and data to help them benchmark performance, reduce risks, cut costs and speed up development.

Franchise FastLane

Franchise FastLane, an accelerated turnkey franchise sales organization (FSO), collaborates with franchisors to enhance their discovery processes, provide qualified franchisee leads and facilitate substantial growth.

Franchise Growth Solutions

Franchise Growth Solutions has formed a collaborative team of consultants who are committed to empowering entrepreneurs and franchisors to achieve their growth goals. They do this by integrating comprehensive knowledge, practical experience, thorough guidance, professional coaching and powerful sales tactics into their clients’ daily operations.

Franchise Performance Group

Franchise Performance Group (FPG) is a consulting and development firm that offers a comprehensive platform combining digital marketing best practices, proven franchise sales practices and outsourced executive solutions in order to help brands achieve rapid and sustainable franchise growth.


The experienced franchise experts at FranDevCo partner with emerging and growing brands to help them build their franchise enterprise and achieve sustainable growth. Through its approach, coaching and industry partnerships, FranDevCo provides clients with access to a team with over 100 years of combined franchising experience, enabling them to attract top-performing franchisees.


FranLift assists franchise organizations in achieving sustainable growth by providing a clear path to expansion and assuming the role of their exclusive franchise development sales team. This strategic partnership empowers franchisees to focus on their core strength, which is unwavering support for franchisees. FranLift acts as a catalyst for franchise growth, even in highly competitive markets.

Franchises that are looking to expand their network and increase their visibility can do so readily by collaborating with a reputable franchise development brand and taking advantage of its support and institutional expertise to facilitate their own growth and success.

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