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Young Ones to Watch: Angela Paules, Chief Marketing Officer of Buzz Franchise Brands

1851 Franchise spoke with Paules to learn more about her story, her relationship with the franchise industry and more.

This month, 1851 Franchise is featuring some of the up-and-coming leaders in the franchise industry. Today, we're spotlighting Angela Paules, who helps lead the marketing efforts for Buzz Franchise Brands.

In 2012 Paules joined the company with the launch of their first brand, Mosquito Joe*, and today she supports pool service franchise Pool Scouts* and residential cleaning brand Home Clean Heroes* as the company expands with new franchise locations across the United States. 

Paules's responsibilities cover new-brand development, corporate marketing and branding, franchise development marketing and marketing support for franchise partners.

Prior to her entry into the franchise industry, Paules worked for the University of Texas at Austin’s top-ranked McCombs School of Business and the well-known Austin advertising agency GSD&M, and she exercised her entrepreneurial side and business passion when she opened the Irie Bean Coffee Bar.

1851: How did you get into franchising?

Angela Paules: Like many in the industry, I fell into franchising unintentionally. I relocated to Virginia from Texas in 2012 due to my husband’s military career. As I was exploring job opportunities in the area, Kevin Wilson, CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands, reached out to me about a marketing role. He was building a team to franchise a local mosquito control company called Mosquito Joe. I knew nothing about franchising, but I knew about marketing and small business. In addition, I knew that I had the strong work ethic needed to become effective in a startup environment. Eight years later we have been responsible for the growth of four different brands — we’ve incubated new franchise brands, sold a franchise brand and acquired a franchise brand — so it’s safe to say I’m quite well-versed in the franchising world.

1851: What do you love about the industry? 

Paules: I love how franchising opens up the opportunity of business ownership to people who otherwise might not be able to take the leap on their own. I have been a business owner, and I know that it is a big and intimidating commitment. Being able to start a business within the structure of franchising — with established systems, branding and a support team alongside you — empowers people to feel more confident in taking that leap and building a path that can truly change their life. I also love the collaborative nature of the franchise industry — there is a level of community and communication between brands and businesses that I haven’t experienced in any other industry. I have built so many meaningful relationships with other franchising professionals that will stay with me throughout my career.

1851: What makes someone a good fit for the franchise industry? Are there traits that are shared by the most successful franchise professionals you know?

Paules: Those who are energized and inspired through helping others are a great fit for the franchising industry. Other common traits I recognize are a strong work ethic, being data-driven and analytical, an entrepreneurial mindset and having empathy to remain franchisee-centric.

1851: How do you feel about the industry's response to the coronavirus crisis so far? Are there challenges or opportunities that the industry still needs to address?

Paules: I was attending the UnConference in early March when the president addressed the nation about COVID-19, and it became a much more serious issue in the U.S. That immediately changed the entire tone and agenda for the event. Each franchisor in attendance was immediately facing unprecedented challenges and needed to make quick decisions without a lot of information. There was so much support and sharing happening right off the bat, which really set the tone for what I have seen since. Throughout the pandemic, the franchise industry has seen an emphasis on community, with strong advocacy and communication through the International Franchise Association (IFA), key vendor partners providing support, education for franchisees and franchisors alike and the ongoing sharing of best practices. 

Moving forward, there is still more to address, and the challenges are constantly changing as states navigate reopening, the government continues to review and make decisions on relief packages, and certainly the approaching election. There is still a long road ahead. What’s important is that we all remain engaged in the conversation and in supporting our franchisees along the way to ensure the best outcome possible for their businesses and for the future of franchising.

1851: What advice do you have for other young up-and-comers in the space?

Paules: My advice is to surround yourself with people smarter than you and never stop learning. Find a mentor (or mentors) and continually build your network of people who inspire you or are doing what you want to do — go to events, connect to others via LinkedIn, leverage the CFE program and talk to franchisees. Lastly, be sure to challenge yourself daily. Oh, and use colorful pens.

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