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ProLift Garage Doors Opens First Franchise in Salt Lake City, Looks to Expand Throughout Market

The garage door brand launched its first Utah location this month and anticipates four more territories available in the booming Salt Lake City metro area.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 07/13/21

ProLift Garage Doors, the 30+-unit garage door repair franchise under the Premium Service Brands umbrella, has its sights set on Salt Lake City for franchise growth after a recent signing in the area. The brand cites a booming housing market and an increased demand for home services as indicators of substantial growth opportunities for new franchisees. 

Following a record-breaking year in which the franchise sold 13 territories and entered three new states, the ProLift Garage Door team is looking for qualified prospects to help continue that momentum in Salt Lake City.

Why ProLift Garage Doors is Targeting Salt Lake City for Future Growth

The ProLift Garage Doors team has identified four territories available for franchise development in the Salt Lake City market. Salt Lake City is the largest city in Utah and has seen a major population boom as many first time homeowners flock to the city due to a robust economy and plenty of job growth. In fact, the city is proving to be one of the most competitive housing markets in the entire country. 

In addition to a housing market that’s on fire, homeowners have spent the past year learning and working from home due to the pandemic, and garage repair services operate as an essential business. These are some of the factors that have allowed Prolift Garage Door franchisees to see 20% year-over-year sales increases in 2020.

Jared Cobia, a franchisee who recently opened Utah’s first ProLift Garage Doors in the Utah Valley area of Salt Lake City, began looking for lucrative business opportunities to bring to the area after spending the past six years working in the oil industry.

“Once COVID-19 hit I, like so many others, lost my job, and my family and I moved from Saudi  Arabia to Utah to be closer to friends and loved ones,” said Cobia. “After returning to Utah and thinking about what career steps to make during this next moment in my life, I wanted to experiment with building and running my own business. I’ve been aware of franchising for a while, and it seemed like a viable business option. Franchising offers personal ownership in a company, as well as the support of a larger network.” 

Cobia started looking into various franchise concepts, initially focusing on the restaurant industry but realizing it wasn’t the right option due to the challenges of COVID-19. Soon, he came across the burgeoning home services segment.

“I decided to start looking into the home services industry because it struck me as an industry that would always be in-demand — people will always need someone to fix their garage door when it jams,” he said. “Whether the economy is up or down, these are basic services that homeowners always require.”

When a franchise consultant pointed Cobia to ProLift Garage Doors and Premium Service Brands, he knew he had found not only the right path for his future, but also a business opportunity that would thrive in Salt Lake City. 

Why Franchisees are Choosing ProLift Garage Doors

ProLift Garage Doors offers franchisees a business opportunity with low overhead costs, high ROI, solid growth potential and brand credibility. Franchisees can enjoy the flexibility of operating the scalable business from their home as they leverage a strong infrastructure of support. The brand also provides a service that’s needed in any economic climate, positioning franchisees for long-term success in any market. 

“ProLift Garage Doors really resonated with me because it was a successful business model offering in-person services that everyday people need,” Cobia said. “It struck me as something that could be a robust long-term business option, and it aligned with the skills and knowledge I already have. There is a lot of synergy between the different brands within Premium Service Brands, as well, and there is an opportunity to become a multi-brand owner and really dominate your market with a full portfolio of services.” 

In addition to ProLift, Premium Service Brands offers a roster of franchise opportunities that are specifically designed to complement and integrate with each other — Renew Crew, Rubbish Works, Handyman Pro, Kitchen Wise, 360º Painting and Maid Right. This allows owners to scale their businesses by efficiently adding brands to their portfolios. 

Cobia is looking forward to providing valuable home services to his local community and expanding his reach as a multi-brand owner. “Right now, the plan is to focus on getting ProLift off the ground and running, since we just launched earlier this month,” said Cobia. “I also decided to move forward with becoming a 360º Painting owner as well. Once we find success and get into a rhythm, I would be interested in potentially owning another brand within the Premium Service Brands umbrella.” 

For those interested in replicating Cobia’s success, Premium Service Brands CDO Iric Wexler says the time has never been better to join ProLift Garage Doors, and the team is confident Salt Lake City is an optimal market. “As ProLift Garage Doors builds its presence in the state of Utah, we look forward to partnering with qualified prospects like Jared who want to bring a valuable business to their community,” he said.

The startup costs for a ProLift Garage Doors franchise ranges from $103,600 to $143,500. This includes $65,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate. To learn more about franchising with ProLift Garage Doors, visit:

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